Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Infamy, Infamy, They've All Got It ...

Not content with destroying the bookies' anticipated gains last week with an unexpected (highly improbable in fact!) win in the Plate competition the Wonderers rubbed salt in the wounds with another win this week.

Do tradition and history count for nothing?

Playing a strongly fancied team from the Principals (second in the League) the Wonderers looked in a very shaky position as they were unable to find a question-master and would have had to play with a team of three. Then at the last minute, due to the largesse of Stockport Council with their leave arrangements, Steve became available - a welcome return and a strong performance.

The Wonderers played their usual game - a fun evening with plenty of laughs and beer breaks, a tradition carried with Nick to the Questionmaster's chair.

Scores were Waters Green Wonderers 130, Principals 116.

Individual scores were bob 6/12, Wendy 12/6, Steve 9/15 and Tomo 21/15 - Tomo looks set to climb even higher in the top 10 scorers league.

Conferred points were 10/10 (good team work) and passed overs 10/4.

At the beginnning of the game the visitors asked if they could have the questions but had lost interest by the end - make your own mind up by clicking the questions link on the right.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tradition Trampled Underfoot

In an astonishing reversal of fortunes, the Wonderers last night slithered through to a surprising victory in the Plate competition.

The Baths were badly hit by absentees from their regular team and had roped in some reserves, but were no doubt confident after studying the form of the Wonderers. Yet despite thrashing the visitors in one of the four rounds the Baths were not able to sustain the attack and the Wonderers were able to advance through to the next round. No doubt the appearance of two groupies for the visitors affected their performance.

It should be pointed out that the Baths are top of the C League and in fact have scored about the same number of points in the League as the Wonderers.

The Baths was very pleasant, with real ales and a fine supper provided. A very pleasant evening with lots of laughter and fun.

Thankyou - we look forward to playing you in the B League next season.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Half Way to Purgatory.- Duncan's Take

Well, the half way stage of the season has come and gone and still the Wonderers haven’t a point to show for their efforts. Last week’s display at the Dolphin reached an all time low when Bob got the question “what kind of animal is a Red Poll”. Misty-eyed he remembered the days when he would look at the farm entrance next to his sister’s house and see the sign “THE LONGDENDALE HERD OF PEDIGREE ATTESTED RED POLLS”. Imagine the poor man’s feelings when he was informed that it was a bleedin’ parrot. Things then went from bad to worse. Nick got a question in a round called “Name the Dead Person” or something – “A famous Lancashire contralto singer” etc. The answer should have been Kathleen Ferrier. What readers need to know is that Bob founded the Kathleen Ferrier Society. This is an international Society. This is the Society that runs the country’s main bursary competition for undergraduate singers. Bob is the CHAIRMAN of the Kathleen Ferrier Society. Nick answered Joan Sutherland, who was (a) not a contralto, (b) not from Lancashire, and (c) not even English, and (d) still alive for all I know. Bob met this slap in the face with typical Biggles fortitude. His bottom lip trembled slightly, and that was that. Nice to see that Nick came clean in his report.

Typical of the good soul that he is, Bob has not even mentioned it to the rest of the team.

Nick was suitably mortified and vanished to Wales for a winter break. I don’t blame him. I hate bad weather, and coming out once more to report another defeat is so wearying and not doing my professional career any good. Last time I sent a report in the gales were at their height. I left the house and went to the car only to be met by the farmer who lives nearby. He told me that it was so windy that one of his hens had laid the same egg three times. When I parked up in Waters Green I got out of the car and saw what I thought was a rubber glove quivering in the road. It was, in actual fact, a dog that had blown inside out. Anyway, Tuesday was no exception. They lost again. Tracy and Brian had gone on holiday, obviously to escape the humiliation of hosting the only two teams in the Macclesfield Quiz League without a point between them. They all did their best but nothing was coming across the table to them. No crumbs from the poor man’s table. The opposition was kind to the Wonderers and didn’t giggle too much. I hear that their captain, Mark, a leading light of the Quiz League organisers, is a law enforcement officer of some kind. Perhaps he should disband his team, hand all their points to the Waters Green Wonderers and tackle some of the crime I am hearing about at down at the Pig and Ball Bearing in Rainow.

I heard that thieves had actually broken into the Macclesfield POLICE STATION and stole the toilet seat! The police say that they have nothing to go on. Also, a gang of thieves were being sought for breaking into the pharmacy at Tytherington and stealing 48 bottles of California Syrup of Figs. Police are looking for three men on the run, and the public are advised not to ‘have-a-go’ unless they are wearing their wellies.

All this is so depressing.

Never mind, cheer up everybody and remember, space isn’t remote; It’s only an hours drive if you go straight up.

Duncan Disorderley

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Home to the Ox-Fford

We had already disappointed the Ox-Fford by not thrashing the Dolphin last week thus enhancing the Ox-Fford's place in the League, so we knew this would not be an easy one.

However we were not concerned even when we obsrved that the Ox-Fford are third in the league table - with 2 games in hand.

We were not disabused - we remained steadfast in consistency and pulled off our usual performance - Specialist rounds we lost 72 to 57 and General Knowledge 88 to 69.

Individual scores were Bob 15/18 (PB!), Wendy 9/15 (Probably PB), Nick 9/6 (!!)and Tomo 30 - another great score.

Conferred/Passovers remained true to form with Specialist 10/2 and General Knowledge 8/4.

Questions generally highly thought-of although there was perhaps some inbalance in the difficulty. No scenes of high drama and a vey pleasant evening with lots of laughter.

I feel sure Duncan will have some authoratitative comments to make on our performance.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Dolphin Away

Boosted by narrowly losing the Specialist rounds the previous week, we swaggered into the Dolphin already giving high fives to celebrate our victory. A cavalier glance at the individual results sheets gave us added confidence - they only have one in the top 2 scorers of the A League (1st actually) their next appearance being at no 7. Nothing to worry about there then! And the fact that they are leading the League just fired our ambition.

Moreover, Wendy was able to return to the team and we were sure her extensive knowledge of children's TV would secure victory. We were back to the normal team!!

There were moments of high excitement, not least when Nick was trying to remember the name of the superb English contralto born in Blackburn - he knew exactly the person required but the only name he could come up with was Joan Sutherland. This did not go down at all well with Bob who just happens to be secretary of the Kathleen Ferrier Society!!

The nature of a redpoll was also the cause of some controversy - is it a bird? Is it a cow? Extensive research discloses that red poll (2 words) is a breed of cattle but since the questions are oral that is not very clear.

One or two other questions generated discussion but the Wonderers prefer to stand aloof from such squabbles, particularly as they don't know the answer anyway.

To go into detail would be tedious but we were consistent, played well as a team, conferred well and were absolutely hammered. Score not available at the time of writing but see News And Views next week.

Our own scores were as follows:

Bob 15/12, Wendy 3/15, Nick 9/15 and Tomo 6/24 - it's some time since Tomo got less than 30 and he may get headhunted next season! We are happy to discuss a transfer fee but it is unlikely that any teams in any League could afford him. Conferred/Passed Over points Specialist rounds 3/2, General Knowledge 10/5 - these A teams don't give much away do they?

It was a very pleasant evening, lots of laughter, good sportsmanship, Robbies well-kept and their new acquisition Oldham Brewery beers that were on form. And samosas, kofta and chicken curry and rice was a very generous and well prepared supper afterwards - thankyou The Dolphin!!