Thursday, November 29, 2012

27th November – Question Masters


This week it was the Phoenix’ turn to ask the questions – Nick was fortunate to have the Plough, just around the corner from home and was treated to a super supper of sausages and chips. Wendy covered The Cock at Henbury and presided over a narrow win by our sister team the Rams over the Cock-A-2. Nothing known at present about the other two games.

The questions had been vetted by the Phoenix but still presented some problems for both teams, and whilst the Phoenix were 4 from the bottom at the start of the evening all teams beneath them had a game in hand so no doubt the Phoenix will slip further down the table when all results are known. In the meantime the Rams’ win takes them to the number 1 spot – congratulations and well done.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

CUP ROUND 2 Home to the British Flag


Hmmmm!! Up against an A League team – but we were up to strength with both mascots in attendance and a full team. As always it was a matter of the questions meeting the team’s strengths but this time they would have met with the approval of a Trivial Pursuits champion.

They ranged from bog-standard quiz questions (Dr Johnson’s biographer!!) to obscure mythology, little-known terrors, an obscure name for an opera hat that sounds like a phase of the moon, the inevitable phobia (that was spelt incorrectly just to make it even harder!!) and so on.

Whilst all six sections of the quiz were keenly fought both teams were gradually losing the will to live – this is reflected in the consistently low scores with neither team managing to answer questions – always an indication of poor question-setting.

Scores were as follows for each round (home team first) 11/10, 12/15, 11/10 – half time score 34/35; 6/7, 11/8 so with one round to go the Phoenix were a nose ahead by one point and the last round finished …. 14/14. The Phoenix had scraped home by just that one point.

An excellent selection of sandwiches and pork pie was gladly received at the end of a stressful evening. Thanks to Brian and Tracey for the hospitality and to the British Flag for their patience.

Friday, November 16, 2012

12th November Away to the Robin Hood



“Feared by the bad,

Loved by the good …”

The Robin Hood is a lovely, old traditional pub found as you leave the village of Rainow heading into the hills. Within the exposed stone walls there is a very interesting menu but the food does not mean that it is no longer a pub and among the real ales there were two local brews, from Red Willow and The Vale all in top form.

The quiz team only joined last year and were promoted to the B League after just one season; among the players last night was Tim who was one of the original members with Bob when the Phoenix were first formed with another name and venue.

Asking the questions with a light touch was Heather from the Park Tavern.

The Specialist questions were set by The Wharf and were approached from a rather different direction than normal: one round had answers that were all either dogs or someone called Leonard or Ernest; this was followed by a Geography round in which the answers when printed in upper case do not contain the letters ABDOPQ – unfortunately one of the given answers (Belize) clearly broke this rule as did one of the supplementaries. Other questions favoured daytime TV watchers. All the rounds were keenly contested and The Robin Hood finished with a slight lead of 39 to 36. No problem, the General Knowledge are the Phoenix’ strong point.

The Park Tavern had set the questions that were balanced and fair but … the Phoenix really struggled steadily falling further behind finishing the round with 58 to the home team’s 80 – a sound thrashing!! From a personal best a couple of weeks ago, for instance, Nick scored a personal worst in all the years he has played!!Steaming mad

Individual scores were Bob 6/6, Wendy 3/21, Nick 3/0, Tomo 9/6; conferred points were 7/21 with 8/4 passovers; The Robin Hood picked up 5/10 passovers. Final score 122 to 94. This despite Rosie’s presence.

The evening rounded off with excellent chip butties – thanks to the pleasant staff, the team and special thanks to Heather, particularly as she kindly changed the 0 in Nick’s score to a smiley face.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

6th November–Home to the Plough Taverners


Not looking good!! No mascots again and lots of distractions: presidential elections in the US, City against Ajax in the Champions League, Macc Town playing Tamworth and the Phoenix have won only one game in the Quiz League – by just one point!!

The Plough Taverners are old friends over many years and it was good to welcome them to the Waters Green.

The questions were very different, even beginning with a joke!! Then followed by four (yes four!!) picture rounds. There was some amusement as the first round asked us to identify the country “Highlighted in green ..” or some other colour when the images had been printed off in monochrome!! The advertising slogans round soon identified the daytime TV watchers but the Dingbats brought a real hammering to the Phoenix who managed just one point to the visitors’ 8 (all by the same player!!). The quotations in the history round were a refreshing change too. All in all, with the exception of the Dingbats, the questions played to the Phoenix’ strengths as they finished with a lead of 64 to 49.

The General Knowledge were also very good and again the Phoenix benefitted. You will notice a remarkable coincidence in the scores for this round.

Mention must also be made of the questionmaster, a young lady who does not usually play in the quiz but her Dad Dave from the Plough Horntails could not make it and prevailed upon her to ask the questions which she did with calm efficiency and humour.

Individual scores were Bob 12/18, Wendy 15/18, Nick 6/18 and Tomo 18/18 (three excellent scores over 30) with 9/11 conferred points and 4/11 passovers; the visitors picked up 3/11 passovers. The Phoenix won the General Knowledge round with 94 to 69 winning the game with 158 to 118.

Of the distractions, Obama won the election with Romney surprisingly gracious in defeat, which is more than can be said for City who gamely recovered a two-goal deficit to end in a scrappy finger-jabbing draw. And Macc beat Tamworth 2-0 dragging themselves up to about 7th in the League.

The evening ended with excellent sandwiches including Brian’s famed roast beef and ham – thank you Brian and Tracey, the Plough Taverners and our questionmaster.

Monday, November 05, 2012

30th October Home to the Park Taverners


OnRosettece again the Phoenix were without their mascots – Bosley was out on the razz celebrating coming second in the veteran dogs competition at the Treacle Market whilst Rosie was grounded for sneering thimageat when she entered a similar competition in Langley she came first.

Otherwise the Phoenix were at full strength apart from lingering colds and looked forward to meeting old friends the Park Taverners, a very strong team. On the last game the Phoenix had won but the Park were unlucky to have had to play with only three members. This time they had a full complement and were rairin’ to go.


Both teams tended to struggle with the specialist questions as they were quite out of the ordinary and in fact quite informative (see in particular the Irish round) with some rather obscure questions followed by some that the players hesitated to answer as it seemed so obvious. But by and large both sets were quite enjoyable.

At the end of the Specialist the Park Taverners had crept into a lead of 5 points with 45 to the Phoenix’ 40 – not much to worry about there as the Phoenix have frequently overturned such a lead.

Both teams were more comfortable with the General Knowledge questions but once again the Taverners showed their class and took the round with 93 points to the Phoenix’ 90 – final scores 138 to 130.

Individual scores were Bob 12/18, Wendy 3/9, Nick 3/18 and Tomo 6/24; conferred points were 12/13 and passovers 4/8 (very low!) while the Taverners picked up 6/7 passovers.

A keenly fought game rounded off with a selection of tasty sandwiches from Brian and Tracey. Thanks to both and to the Taverners for a most enjoyable evening.