Thursday, March 19, 2015

17th March–The Final Countdown


The last week of the season was a little disappointing for the Lemmings as they had been due to play The Wharf who were still unable to get a team together.

However, being creatures of habit the Lemmings gathered in the Waters Green Tavern as they have done every Tuesday throughout the season and over a glass or two of the wonderful real ales and cider looked back on a season that all agreed was most enjoyable – perhaps the best.

Whilst guaranteed of promotion, it had not been an easy ride and in the four games that were lost none had been a close thing; the first defeat was to the Park Taverners who won by 25 points; but this was small beer compared to the Robin Hood game who left the Lemmings trailing with a difference of 80! Next came the Nags Head with a creditable difference of 35 followed closely by the Plough Horntails with 29. All games played with good humour and victory well deserved. The Lemmings’ victories on the other hand were usually by a few points.

A new feature had been introduced this year with the Nine-Banded Armadillo troIMGphy for the worst question of the year – at the Cup Final on 21st April the Lemmings will introduce what they consider the worst three questions and the winner will be decided by general vote.

Finally the Lemmings will be celebrating their promotion on 11th July with a party at Nick’s – there will be wine and real ale, authentic Indian food, musicians, singing and laughter – this will provide an opportunity to say farewell and good luck to old friends, and to socialise with the A League teams. Any teams/individuals interested please contact Nick and full details will be sent out later.

Thanks all for a great season

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

10th March–Away to the Plough Horntails


Sadly the Wharf have advised that they will not be able to get a team to play in the last two games of the season – we very much hope that their problems are resolved by the start of the next season.

The Wharf were due to play the Robin Hood this week and the Lemmings next week – coincidentally both teams striving for top place although both guaranteed of promotion. This then was tforum3o be the Lemmings’ last game of the season, and whilst Rosie could not make it, Ruby came along to give support.

The Plough closed down last year and both quiz teams moved to the Bate Hall; it has since reopened under new management and the Horntails returned to their old haunt. The spectral green light in which the exterior was bathed has been replaced with bright white light whilst behind the bar was a young couple who were very pleasant and we wish them every success.

The questions had been set by the Dolphin Dragons and the Specialist rounds came as something of a shock to the Lemmings who ended content shock dylanthem with just 46 points, only Tomo managing to get into double figures. The Horntails scored a magnificent 71 leaving the Lemmings 25 points adrift.

The Lemmings did rather better in the General Knowledge with a respectable 73 but still another four points behind the Horntails who racked up 77.

Final score 148 to 119 to the Horntails.

Individual scores were Bob 9/6, Wendy 9/21, Nick 3/12 and Tomo 15/12 with 7/11 conferred points and 3/11 pass-overs; the Horntails picked up 9/12 pass-overs.

The evening was rounded off with tasty sandwiches – many thanks to the new landlords, to the Horntails and the questionmaster Grenville from the Bate.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

3rd March–Question Masters and Setters


Before any of the games started the disappointing news came through that The Wharf were unable to put out a team and the Cock-A-2 won the game by default. We all hope that the Wharf’s current problems will soon be overcome and we will see them back in action before the end of the season.

Nick was asking the questions at the Nags Head who were playing the Plough Horntails, two wise and experienced teams and it was a very pleasant and relaxed evening

The scores in the Specialist were generally very low, and Nick began to explain that although the Lemmings had vetted the questions (heforum was interrupted at this stage by the Plough asking who did the vetting? The dog??) the Brewers had not taken much notice.One question in particular created some discussion – Q8 in the Squares round – the given answer was Canada (which is true) but so is South Africa, also in the Commonwealth.

At the end of the Specialist, the Plough Horntails had 32 points and the Nags Head 52 – a lead they steadily built on to win by 147 to 112.

An excellent supper was provided by the Nags of chips, chicken nuggets and onion rings – many thanks to the landlord and to the two competing teams who made Nick’s job so much easier.