Thursday, March 05, 2015

3rd March–Question Masters and Setters


Before any of the games started the disappointing news came through that The Wharf were unable to put out a team and the Cock-A-2 won the game by default. We all hope that the Wharf’s current problems will soon be overcome and we will see them back in action before the end of the season.

Nick was asking the questions at the Nags Head who were playing the Plough Horntails, two wise and experienced teams and it was a very pleasant and relaxed evening

The scores in the Specialist were generally very low, and Nick began to explain that although the Lemmings had vetted the questions (heforum was interrupted at this stage by the Plough asking who did the vetting? The dog??) the Brewers had not taken much notice.One question in particular created some discussion – Q8 in the Squares round – the given answer was Canada (which is true) but so is South Africa, also in the Commonwealth.

At the end of the Specialist, the Plough Horntails had 32 points and the Nags Head 52 – a lead they steadily built on to win by 147 to 112.

An excellent supper was provided by the Nags of chips, chicken nuggets and onion rings – many thanks to the landlord and to the two competing teams who made Nick’s job so much easier.


Alan a'Dale said...

Indeed, the Canadians have only just moved to Trafalgar Square (though their High Commission was there previously), having sold off their Grosvenor Square spot to some dodgy oligarchs, sorry, wealth creators - so the Boks have the stronger territorial claim. The Specialists also yielded some low scores up in Rainow - the Squares and Numbers certainly didn't help - but I think edginess also had a part to play. The number questions were a bit of an issue because some involved very low numbers that, once one team had given an incorrect answer, the other had a good chance of an "open goal". Then again it also included Googol to go to the other extreme! I'm sure the Red Dwarf question (mercifully singular)conjured up some "fond memories" here and there.

We enjoyed the GKs and rewarded accordingly - most seemed answerable (although that didn't always translate into reality). Tux the penguin wasn't very familiar to any of us though - the faintest whiff of eau d'Armadillo?

Anonymous said...

Geography 3 - should read Parkers PIECE not Parkers Place.
GK 31 - Harold Macmillan never held the post of Home Secretary.

Anonymous said...

Parker's Piece is a large grassy area on the edge of Cambridge - stretching the understanding of what a "square" is a bit. Nottingham has the biggest paved urban square.

Anonymous said...

In my laboratory we have Orange tartrazine, although it does becomes yellow when you dilute it down.