Wednesday, April 30, 2014

30th April–And Now The Final Curtain


Yes, the curtain falls on the Cup Final, the last gasp of the 2013-14 Macclesfield Pub Quiz League, a season that saw several ups and downs and was in all probability completed thanks to the National Health Service to which several of us owe a big debt of gratitude.

The finalists this year were the Dolphin Dragons,  proudly sporting their TV star Liz, old stalwarts of the A League and a serious (if friendly) force to be reckoned with.

Facing the Dragons were the new kids on the block, the Waters Green Rams who have made remarkable progress in the past couple of years and have just won promotion to the A League and pass the Lemmings on their way down.

It was a closely fought contest with a fine set of questions prepared by the Knot ‘Arf and the Weaver from questions offered by all teams in all three Leagues. The contest was overseen with a light touch by Rick Davies as questionmaster, and very few questions were not answered. Except for the last round there was very little in it, but the Rams put in a storming finish to win the game with 112 to 97.

Congratulations to the Rams for winning the double – top of the B League and Cup Champions – an excellent season. Well done!!!

A thrilling end to a season that despite ups and downs still ran like clockwork for which the committee must be congratulated.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

April 1st–A Night For Great Decisions


Macclesfield Town playing Cambridge United in a bid to reach the play-offs – defeat would demolish such hopes.

Manchester United in the first leg of the Championship League quarter final against Bayern Munich, the much fancied current holders. Even staunch supporters expect them to lose.

And the really important game – the Waters Green Lemmings against the British Flag on which their future in the next season rests. Sitting next to bottom, the Lemmings have 10 points, equal to the Knot ‘Arfs who lead on scores difference. The Flag have not won a game all season, although running some games very close, so the Lemmings take their seats confident of victory but dependent on how the Knot ‘Arfs get on. If the latter lose the Lemmings will remain bathed in the sunlight of the A League but if they win the the Lemmings are consigned to the funeral parlour awaiting the drop into the B League.

All in all a night of tension, anticipation, high hopes and potential disillusion. So, the results in ascending order of importance.

Nemanja Vidic scores for Manchester United

United shocked the pundits by taking the lead 8 minutes into the second half with a Vidic header from a Rooney corner. Munich scored shortly afterwards but with an uncharacteristic excellent defence United hung on to go into the second leg with a goal each.

Sadly Macc Town surprised nobody and lost 1-0 effectively securing their place in the Skrill League next season.

Then the big one!! The last game of the quiz season. Perhaps the smug confidence of the Lemmings blinded them to the clouds on the horizon. Not only was Rosie the mascot missing, but so was Wendy her owner!! Wendy was replaced by Graham, who had started quizzing many years ago with Bob when the League was first formed. Bob seized the opportunity to  remind Graham of some of his jokes.The questions had been set by The Weaver and whilst the balance was OK, there were several times when the Lemmings groaned “I wish we’d had that”. The British Flag seemed to have no such problem and it soon became clear that they were running away with the game finishing the Specialist with 54 points to the Lemmings’ 36. – Only 18 points – we’ve made that up before!! But not this time – the Flag won the General Knowledge with 74 to 63 with a remarkable margin of 29, 128 to 99.

One point must be made – both teams felt that the answer to question 6 in the History was wrong, but in fact it was quite correct and fortunately made no difference to the outcome.

Individual scores were Bob 3/18, Graham 6/6, Nick 3/9 and Tomo 6/9; conferred points were 10/13 and pass-overs 8/8. The Flag collected 6/12 pass-overs.

Well done the British Flag, the Lemmings resume their hereditary place in the B League and and on the way pass their sister team the Rams who are promoted to the A League.

Despite the fate at stake the game was played with much laughter and jokes, and rounded off with an excellent cheese board from Brian. Thank you Brian, the Flag and the question master from the Weaver.

And so ended the Lemmings’ season of missed opportunities, mixed fortunes and metaphors.

We enjoyed our season in the A League and hope to get back at the end of next season.