Monday, June 14, 2010

East Cheshire Hospice Quiz


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Whilst not a fixture of the Quiz League, some of the Phoenix took part in the annual East Cheshire Hospice quiz, where several familiar faces were spotted.

It was a very good quiz drawn up by two members of the League; teams were limited to 8 but as 10 people from the Tavern and their friends and family had volunteered, two teams of five were set up: Quiz Team Aguilera (gerrit?) and Nick Clegg’s Horse Trading Company. Whilst it was strictly for fun, there was naturally friendly rivalry between the two teams, with Quiz Team Aguilera keeping a slender lead until the last round, but the questions fell right for the horse traders and the two teams eventually ended up with a dead heat – but not the winners. From memory I think they were 7th out of 40.

There were the usual blunders – and as usual it was Nick who made them. He insisted that “I wandered lonely as a cloud” came from Intimations on Immortality and the team foolishly accepted this – at least the poet was right!; but revenge was sweet when the team refused to accept his answer of Nadia Comaneci but probably because they could not spell it.

It was a most enjoyable evening with supper thrown in (including chips!!!) and we look forward to next year’s quiz.

For the moment it is on to the 18th July