Thursday, December 11, 2008

9th February Home to The Church house Bollington

We were pleased to welcome the Church House Bollington to the Tavern following their promotion from the C League last year. It is a team that has been around for some years with many changes – both to the team and to the Church House itself!

The Phoenix won the toss and opted to go first in the Specialist rounds. Sadly the toss was about the only thing we won on the night.

The Specialist rounds were very obscure, reflected in the scoring (conferred and Passovers not included):

Round                        Phoenix                      Church House


Sport                                    0                                 3

Geography                         0                                 3

History                                3                                 0

Science                                6                                  6

Arts & Entertainment   6                                  0

Lest We Forget                   0                                  6

Music                                   6                                   6

Answer Lies In The Soil  9                                    6


In each of the first three rounds, only one person managed to score a 3 – the purpose of the quiz is not to show how clever the question setter is!

The Specialist were better but were sometimes irritating with attempted “balance” i.e. consecutive questions on capitals, castles etc.


At the end of the Specialist, Phoenix were trailing by 10 points and although they made up some of the gap the final score was 112 to 107 to the Church House.

 Individual scores were: 

Bob 6/12, Wendy 6/15, Nick 6/9 and Tomo 12/6. Conferred points were 6/5 with 13/11 passovers. The Church House picked up 11/11 passovers. A very high number of passovers that sheds some light on the questions.

 No complaints about the winners – it was a keen game in a relaxed atmosphere and the Church House questions were no easier than those of the Phoenix – well done.!!

Once again there was serious distraction from another sporting event - this time of even greater import!! The Waters Green Ladies' Darts team!! You don't mess with them!!

 The Phoenix were able to draw comfort from the roaring fire and hefty sandwiches provided by Brian. A very pleasant evening.


P.S. It must be emphasised that the above comments are those of just one member of one team and it will be interesting to see the reactions of others,

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Week 4 2nd December

The first snows of the winter saw the Phoenix making their way to The Plough, a well-established pub with a quiz team well-known and respected from their previous home at The Cricket Club.

Once again there was a sporting diversion with the Burnley v. Arsenal cup tie being televised and, more importantly, Macclesfield playing away to top of the League Wycombe.

The four draught ales available however provided more interest than the TV and the game proceeded smoothly.

The Specialist questions (see link at right) were much appreciated and lent themselves to the Phoenix as they crept ahead to a 51 to 37 lead. In particular the rounds on old toys and symbols were original and interesting.

The General Knowledge questions allowed the Plough Taverners to stage a comeback but finished with a close score of 61 to 63 to the Phoenix. This also saw a first in the Quiz League with Nick scoring absolutely nothing!! A very lonely furrow at the Plough!

 Final scores were Bob 12/12, Wendy 3/18, Nick 9/0 tut tut!!! And Tomo 9/12. Conferred points gave the Phoenix 11/15 and Passovers 7/6. The Plough Passovers scored 6/11. Final overall score 114 to the Plough 98. Tasty sandwiches were very welcome before stepping back into the cold after a very pleasant evening.

Oh, Burnley won 2-0!! But Macc lost 4-0 – can’t win ‘em all!