Thursday, October 30, 2014

28th October First round of the Cup/Plate


Two important knock-out competitions on the night – the first round of the Cup and Plate and Macclesfield’s replay against Wrexham in the fourth qualifying round of the Cup.

The Lemmings were drawn against the Dolphin, always a popular venue with a friendly jocular team, a welcoming atmosphere and probably the best Robinson’s beer in town. However the Lemmings were doubly handicapped – Rosie was absent as was Bob who’s place was taken by new recruit Tony.

The questions were set with a sense of humour, very few were unanswered and we were lucky to have Paul from the Ox-Fford as question-master who kept the laughs rolling along. There will be noarmadillo nominations for the Armadillo trophy this week! But, as an aside, the original armadillo question was asked on The Chase earlier in the evening (although the answer was multiple choice and nine-banded was not required as a part of the question).

It was not a good start for the Lemmings who lost the first two rounds by 8 points but recovered well in the third round to get equal points; but it was not to last as they lost the next three rounds losing by almost 30 points – 118 to 89.

But it was a very pleasant evening rounded off with a generous supper of chicken nuggets and chips with excellent sandwiches.

Thank you to the Dolphin, the Dolphin team and to Paul for easing the pain of a crushing defeat.

But we were not alone – Macc Town lost 5-2 – not a good evening!!

On to the Plate!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Night To Remember 21st October


The above was one of the questions, perhaps with some prescience, but in fact we were playing the Robin Hood the newly crowned Plate champions. This was the Lemmings’ third home game with a clean record having won both the previous games. This was one of the worst nights of the year as the remnants of hurricane Gonzalo lashed the country with gale-force winds and torrential rains. Sadly none of that energy had been picked up by either team.

Even the question-master was affected, as he turned up some 20 minutes late. It was obviously his first experience of asking and he was certainly put through a baptism of fire competing with the noise from the ladies’ darts game

The questions had been set by the Lemmings’ sister team the Rams but the scores on both teams were quite low compared to past games and the Specialist rounds finished with the visitors ahead by six points with 43 to the Lemmings’ 37. The General Knowledge rounds however saw an increasing lethargy particularly on the part of the Lemmings – for instance Nick was stirred into activity only at the mention of Madonna’s bra!! The visitors did far better in the General Knowledge with 90 points to the Lemmings’ 66.

However the main topic of conversation was the Nine Banded Armadillo trophy which last season failed to attract a winner but has already collected some nominations, GK20 and GK74 from last week and Nick has already been asked to enter from this week Sport Q3 and two requests for GK Q51 that possibly outdoes the original 9-banded armadillo!! And as for the name of the dog in Coronation St!!! No doubt more nominations will follow.

Individual scores were Bob 9/18, Wendy 6/3, Nick 6/6, Tomo 3/15 conferred points 7/17 and pass-overs 6/7. The Robin Hood picked up 9/11 pass-overs. Final score a victory by 30 points to the Robin Hood with 133 to 103, and no we weren’t robbed.

The evening ended with Brian’s excellent selection of sandwiches – thank you Brian, best wishes to the question master for future QM duties and well done the Robin Hood. In fact it was a night best forgotten.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

14th October–Home To The British Flag


Not without trepidation did the Lemmings gather for their second home match, this time against old adversaries The British Flag; they too were relegated at the end of last season, but look at the comments in the last entry for the Hospice quiz (admittedly there were a few extras in their team).

imageBut at least we had Rosie the team mascot who was unaffected by the team’s tension and slept through the entire evening (until food appeared that is!!).

We were very pleased with the questions at first but as the game went on, there were some really odd questions beginning to appear and we immediately nominated the Sport question on Lester Piggott (his middle name???) for the Nine-Banded Armadillo trophy – there may be other contenders this season.

At the end of the Specialist rounds the Lemmings were trailing by five points with 55 to the Flag’s 60 – not looking good!

But the Lemmings then made a remarkable come-back and at the half-way stage in the General Knowledge were some 20 points ahead – only to see that lead begin to slowly dribble away. However the Lemmings kept their heads and managed to scrape a win with 78 in the General Knowledge to the Flag’s 68, thus winning the game with 133 to 128.

Individual scores were Bob 12/18, Wendy 9/18, Nick 9/9, Tomo 12/12; conferred points were 9/12 and pass-overs 4/9. The visitors picked up 7/10 pass-overs.

A most enjoyable game rounded off with Brian’s home roast lamb and ham sandwiches with a tasty vegetarian option.

Thank you Brian, the British Flag and the question master from the Robin Hood who conducted his first game calmly and with humour.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

East Cheshire Hospice Quiz 10th October


Whilst not strictly a part of the Macc Pub Quiz League activities the quiz questions had been set by the League secretary Mark, who with Paul (also from the Ox-Fford) asked all the questions and there were a lot of familiar quiz faces, which was good to see.

The Hospice do a considerable amount of good work and no doubt will at some time be in the lives and memories of everyone who attended – 14 teams of 8!! This was a chance to acknowledge our debt.

It was held at Tytherington school and all tables had a selection of fine sandwiches and Storm beer was available at the bar.

It was an excellent evening with fun and humour the eventual winners being very familiar from visits to the British Flag – who are playing the Lemmings on Tuesday!!! The Lemmings came last!

Thursday, October 09, 2014



The first game of the new season, and the Lemmings gathered at the Waters Green Tavern, shaking off the dust of summer’s joys  icold.jpgn India, the Scottish islands and the Baltic instead shivering in the sudden drop in temperature.

Back in the B League it was good to meet up again with the Nag’s team, old adversaries who have always given us a close game.

Questions had been set by The Ox-Fford and were of a very high standard, but with three picture rounds in the Specialist section could perhaps have been called Mark’s gallery.

The Lemmings got off to a stuttering start (but see individual scores below) in particular Nick still smarting from his earlier Cagney and Makepeace answer (a drama yet to be written)  confused Birds of a Feather with the Liver Birds  and sacrificed a point to the Nags to the obvious shock of his team mates.

At the end of the Specialist the Nags held a comfortable lead of 12 points with 71 to the Lemmings 59.

In the General Knowledge Bob played a good captain’s innings and in particular Tomo scored a difficult to beat 27 making an outstanding total of 45 with the Lemmings steadily closing the gap eventually scoring 101 to the Nag’s 85. Quite a nail-biter played in good spirits.

Individual scores were Bob 18/18, Wendy 3/21, Nick 9/15, Tomo 18/27; conferred points were 9/12 with 2/8 pass-overs and the Nags picked up 4/7 pass-overs. Final score 156 to 161.

The evening was rounded off with Brian’s excellent home-roast beef and ham sandwiches – thank you Brian, the Nags Head and Pete the question master from the Park Taverners.