Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 26th Question Masters


It was the Lemmings’ turn to ask the questions this week and they were helped out by the Knot Knowalls who kindly supplied their own question master as the Lemmings only had three available. Greatly appreciated and many thanks to Mark for facilitating this.

All went smoothly and perhaps some of the criticisms that arose were due to a bit of a mix-up with the printing but no fights broke out and we move on to the next round of the Cup next week.

Friday, November 22, 2013

19th November - Stitched Up By The Weaver


Not in any malicious way, but the Lemmings’ recent success was brought to a shuddering halt.

The Lemmings got off to a bad start as Bob, founder-member and long-time quizzer was on holiday but Graeme manfully stepped in to play his first game in the Macc Pub Quiz League.

Perhaps it was the changing weather that dampens spirits but there was none of the usual banter and jokes that we have enjoyed so far in the A League.  Or maybe it was just Bob’s absence.

We liked the questions but felt perhaps the general knowledge were weakened by too many music questions. Nick as usual struggled with names, confusing Lana Turner with Rita Hayworth, Rhode Island with Long Island and perhaps most oddly using the mnenomic “Everard, shut that door” for Grayson Perry … and still getting it wrong.

This failing alone however cannot explain the scores for the evening, as at the end of the Specialist rounds the Weaver were leading with 79 points to the Lemmings’ 57; and with remarkable consistency they won the General Knowledge with 89 to 64 leaving a final score of 168 to 121.

Individual scores were Wendy 21/3, Tomo 9/24, Nick 15/15 and Graeme 3/3; conferred pints were 7/16 with 2/3 pass-overs. The Weavers collected 6/14 pass-overs, which alone tells a story.

The question master Alice controlled the game and timing very well with a light touch and sense of humour so we finished the game in record time, perhaps because there were no distractions from the ladies’ darts.


And yes, we have pour first nomination for the nine-banded armadillo trophy – see here.

The evening was rounded off with a selection of Brian’s home-cooked beef and ham sandwiches that were delicious – thank you Brian, Alice and the Weaver.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

12th November–Home to the Knot ‘Arf


It was good to meet old adversaries again as we had hardly seen them since they were promoted to the A League some years ago. In that time they have gone through a couple of name changes as they were joined at The Staffordshire Knot by another team; the first name change was the Knot Originals but they have now reinvented themselves by adopting the unlikely DJ’s familiar saying “Not ‘arf” –  could have been worse, might have been “Alright? Stay bright” or even “Greetings pop pickers”!!

The banter we used to enjoy was still lively and Bob demonstrated that he can still remember his old jokes. Moreover the game was played with much generosity of spirit: whenever there was a doubt over an answer the Lemmings generously urged the question-master to give the visitors the points; in similar vein, the Knot ‘Arf generously accepted them.

The questions were very good, failing to get a nomination for the nine-banded armadilllo award whilst venturing into rarely seen areas in the quiz league.

There was little to choose in the Specialist questions the scores being very close at the end of each round – but, at the end of the Specialist the Not-‘Arfs had snatched a lead of 65 to 62, leaving the Lemmings grim-faced and determined.They fought back taking the General Knowledge 91 to 88 meaning that for the second time this season the Lemmings had got a draw with a final score of 153 each.

Individual scores were Bob 9/15, Wendy 12/21, Nick 9/9, Tomo 15/27, conferred 15/12, pass-overs 2/7; the visitors picked up 1/6 pass-overs.

Both Wendy and Tomo showed why they feature in the top ten scorers, Tomo in particular scoring a remarkable 42, a personal best he will struggle to beat.

It was a great evening rounded off with a selection of Brian’s home cooked beef, lamb and ham – thank you Brian and the Knot ‘Arfs for an excellent evening.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

5th November–First round of the Cup


For the first round of the Cup/Plate the Lemmings were away to The Lamb. This is a beautiful pub in the village of Sutton just on the Picture of The Lamb Innedge of the Cheshire hills that stretch over to the moors of Derbyshire – wonderful countryside! At one time it was in danger of closure but was taken over by Marshall who played for the local pub quiz team since which time the pub has changed considerably, having been completely refurbished both internally and externally providing a very warm and welcoming hostelry with a quiz team we have known in various forms for many years.

The Lemmings arrived a little early and grabbed the first available reserved table – not realising that it was the traditional table for the home team and unconsciously stealing a psychological advantage; this was given an extra boost when the Lamb explained that one of their team was unavoidable detained and would not be able to appear until about 10 past – the Lemmings had no problem with postponing the start but as the missing player had still not appeared after about 15 minutes the game had to start with the home team at a numerical disadvantage (and on the wrong table!!).

The questions were well balanced and there was little to choose between the teams for the early rounds, the Lemmings managing to cling to a slight advantage scores being (home team first);

14/18, 11/16, 14/16, 21/16, 16/16 and 13/15 giving a final score of 89 to 97 in favour of the Lemmings – the change in the Lamb’s fortunes in the latter rounds can probably be attributed to the eventual arrival of the team’s missing member.

Only one question (q4) raised some difficulty that was resolved in a very sporting manner (the questions showed the wrong answer as all agreed) reflecting the good humour that dominated the game. The pretty good scores show the consistency of the questions although Nick did struggle Confused smileover the difference between a lakh and a crore.

The evening was rounded off with a fine selection of very tasty sandwiches and chips – many thanks to Marshall and the team for a most enjoyable evening.

Friday, November 01, 2013

29th October–Home to the Ox-Fford


A second home game this time against the Ox-Fford, a team with a daunting reputation in the A League usually featuring in the top two positions and top scorers. But heh!! The Lemmings haven’t lost a game!! And of course we had Rosie our mascot.

Both sets of questions had been set by our fellow promotees the Knot Know-Alls  and showed some new ideas, especially the round on The Cabinet.

The question masters were fortunate they were not in competition with the Ladies Darts this week and everyone could hear the questions clearly.

It was a good-humoured game but there was nothing causing outrageous laughter worth reporting.

At the half-way point the Lemmings were trailing with 47 points to 66 but faced up to recouping some ground in the General Knowledge.

But it was not to be as they lost with 81 points to 89 – but the whole team scored well consistently and there is no shame to losing to the Ox-Fford.

Individual scores were Bob 6/15, Wendy 6/18, Nick 12/15 and Tomo 12/18; conferred points were 7/10 and pass-overs 4/5 – the visitors picked up 13/14 pass-overs.

Final score 155 to the Ox-Fford and 128 to the Lemmings. An interesting point is the number of pass-overs – obviously the Lemmings picked up very few but the Ox-Fford collected a total of 27 perhaps reflecting a new tactic of the Lemmings.

Rosie’s collar remained motionless all night!

The evening was rounded off with a fine chicken curry by Brian with pulao rice and nan – thank you Brian, the Ox-Fford for an excellent game and the Knot Know-Alls for a good set of questions.