Thursday, November 07, 2013

5th November–First round of the Cup


For the first round of the Cup/Plate the Lemmings were away to The Lamb. This is a beautiful pub in the village of Sutton just on the Picture of The Lamb Innedge of the Cheshire hills that stretch over to the moors of Derbyshire – wonderful countryside! At one time it was in danger of closure but was taken over by Marshall who played for the local pub quiz team since which time the pub has changed considerably, having been completely refurbished both internally and externally providing a very warm and welcoming hostelry with a quiz team we have known in various forms for many years.

The Lemmings arrived a little early and grabbed the first available reserved table – not realising that it was the traditional table for the home team and unconsciously stealing a psychological advantage; this was given an extra boost when the Lamb explained that one of their team was unavoidable detained and would not be able to appear until about 10 past – the Lemmings had no problem with postponing the start but as the missing player had still not appeared after about 15 minutes the game had to start with the home team at a numerical disadvantage (and on the wrong table!!).

The questions were well balanced and there was little to choose between the teams for the early rounds, the Lemmings managing to cling to a slight advantage scores being (home team first);

14/18, 11/16, 14/16, 21/16, 16/16 and 13/15 giving a final score of 89 to 97 in favour of the Lemmings – the change in the Lamb’s fortunes in the latter rounds can probably be attributed to the eventual arrival of the team’s missing member.

Only one question (q4) raised some difficulty that was resolved in a very sporting manner (the questions showed the wrong answer as all agreed) reflecting the good humour that dominated the game. The pretty good scores show the consistency of the questions although Nick did struggle Confused smileover the difference between a lakh and a crore.

The evening was rounded off with a fine selection of very tasty sandwiches and chips – many thanks to Marshall and the team for a most enjoyable evening.

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