Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Cup Final (the important one)


After a glorious day (almost 20 degrees!!) as the blue skies slipped

Battle of the Titans(Full view) by NagaYasu

towards a calm warm twilight The Weaver became the arena for a local battle of the titans: the Waters Green Rams were defending their title as cup holders in the League’s knockout competition against The Weaver who have held the cup on several previous occasions.

It was a very thrilling contest showing a remarkable breadth of knowledge by both teams – the questions can be seen here. The Rams stole a slender lead in the first set of 20 questions and clung to it for the rest of the contest.  Full results will be shown in News and Views shortly along with all other details.

It was also to be the first presentation of the highly coveted  Nine-Banded Armadillo trophy to the team that offered the worst question in the season.

Perhaps some explanation is due for the appearance of the trophy; Nick had mentioned to an artist friend that he was looking for a cup, [armadillo%255B3%255D.jpg]scroll, plaque or whatever to use as the trophy and thought no more about it. The next time they met his friend gave him the framed picture of an armadillo (not sure how many bands are shown!) wrongly labelled as the nine striped armadillo and because of the way the backing has been applied it can only be hung upside down!! All of which seems appropriate!!!!

The winner was chosen from four that the Lemmings had picked out with all present having a vote – Bob arranged the vote and introduced the winners with typical humour pointedly remarking that the result was not spiteful because the winning team had beaten us into second place in the League.

Yes it was the Robin Hood that had enlightened us all with the fact that cucumber time is the quiet period for tailors!!

One dissenting voice was that insufficient attention had been paid to the time and effort put in by another team to win the award (it was a joke!)

The Lemmings’ sister team were worthy winners on a very pleasant evening in the newly refurbished Weaver that now has an outside seating area and as before the staff were very pleasant and accommodating. The next event will be the AGM and Plate final when the Lemmings will meet old friends the Park Taverners.