Thursday, January 31, 2013

29th January – The Rams Again!!


This was the third local derby, two in the League and now the Cup quarter-final. It began with a crisis!! The Rams (jokingly!!!) challenged the right of the Phoenix to have two mascotsimage (Rosie and Bosley); order was restored by the League secretary Mark who adjudicated that it was permissible unless either one of them answered questions.

Despite this advantage, the Phoenix started very badly and soon were losing with just 5 points to the Rams’ 13! However they got their act together and the round finished with the Rams having an advantage of just two points with 15 to 13.

The next round ended with a draw and the third gave the Rams a two point advantage; they also won the next round by just one point but continued to press ahead with leads of 4 and 3 in the last two rounds.

Scores for each round were (Rams first) 15/13, 16/16, 11/9, 19/15 and 17/14. Well done the Rams and good luck in the semis.

The questions were a mixed lot but fairly well balanced and the visiting question master from the Robin Hood ran the quiz with good humour.

The evening ended superbly with chip butties – many thanks to Brian and Tracey.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

22nd January Local Derby - Titanomachy


Actually it something of a conceit to say this was the Battle of the


Titans as although this was a game between the two teams sharing the top spot the Rams had a game in hand (see News and Views link on right) and the league is so tight there were only 3 points separating the top six teams. Moreover when the two teams met in the first half of the season the game ended with a draw.

But the Phoenix did have several advantages – both mascots (Rosie and Bosley) were in attendance and they had the home team table. 

Adum from the Rams on the other hand was sitting in front of the roaring fire and the smell of burning flesh heightened the tense atmosphere.

The Specialist questions had some interesting rounds on hats, faith hope and charity and numbers and a science round that was about science!! A good set even though Nick managed to score zero!! No complaints – it was the black hole in his memory that digests all the names never to reappear – not even Stephen King!!. At the end of the Specialist the Phoenix had managed to run up a lead of 51 to 37.

The General Knowledge were also pretty good and well-balanced and the Phoenix increased their lead with 75 to 65 giving a final score of 127 to 102.

Individual scores were Bob 12/3, Wendy 12/12, Nick 0/18 and Tomo 9/15; conferred points were 10/19 with 8/8 pass-overs. The Rams picked up 8/5 pass-overs.

A very special  mention must be made for Tracey, who although not having stopped running her socks off in the pub since before Christmas still managed to play for the Rams and also produced a delicious ‘tater ‘ash with pickled red cabbage land baguettes – a big thank you to Tracey and Brian, to the Rams and to the question master from the Nag’s.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


On a freezing cold night the Phoenix set off on a journey to Staffordshire to play the Knot Know Alls.

   The Knot has an interesting history: it was originally known as the Railway Inn as it was built very close to the track of the North Staffordshire Railway, affectionately known as “The Knotty”.  

Alongside the pub is the former Rushton station, now a beautiful private residence, built in the typical Knotty architectural style and with the former station platform forming a feature in the garden. The track bed is now a public footpath leading to and alongside Rudyard Lake terminating in a blocked-off tunnel that formerly led into Leek.

With a heavy emphasis on food it is unfortunate that the present management has a no-dogs policy as this meant neither of the Phoenix’ mascots, Rosie and Bosley, could throw their weight behind the team’s efforts.

Both the Knot’s quiz teams are however much more friendly and it is always a pleasure to meet them in the League. This was no exception.

The questions had been set by The Church House, Bollington and were something of a curate’s egg. A science round that avoided any science and a rather heavy emphasis on pop music, television and cinema were something of a disappointment and skewed the normal scoring pattern.

The end of the Specialist rounds saw the Phoenix with a rather healthy lead of 45 to 31;  and despite the criticism above, the General Knowledge rounds were also favourable to the Phoenix who finished with a lead of 78 to 67 making the final score 123 to 98.

Individual scores were Bob 3/6, Wendy 12/21, Nick 6/12 and Tomo 6/18;conferred points were 11/13 with 7/8 passovers. The home team picked up 5/8 passovers.

The questions were expertly  asked by Keith from our sister team the Rams and a very pleasant evening ended with a supper of sandwiches and chips.

Many thanks to Keith, the Knot Know Alls and a rather grudging thanks to the Knot management (the supper was excellent, pity about the dogs policy).

Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 8th Home to the Cock-A-2


“I have seen dawn and sunset on moors and windy hills coming in solemn beauty like slow old tunes of Spain” (John Masefield).

In December as the chill, cold breath of the twilight settled on the half-way point of the Macclesfield Pub Quiz League the Waters Green Phoenix were fourth in a very tight League (in fact 3rd equal separated by only two scoring points) and just four points behind the leaders, the sister team the Rams – see News and Views link on right.

As the dawn rose on the second half of the season the Phoenix were at home to the Cock-A-2, who had beaten the Phoenix with 163 to 147 in the first leg This was a good game to win.

The questions were very good indeed – it was especially good to have questions on Macclesfield’s history (unless like the Knot teams you come from Staffordshire!!But hey!! Stuff ‘appens!!) and ranging from opera to entymology. At the end of the Specialist the Phoenix had slipped ahead with a 10 point lead of 88 to 78; the General Knowledge saw a slimmer lead to the Phoenix of 62 to 56 with a final score of 150 to 134.

Nick struggled with the specialist but the rest of the team put in strong performances with Bob scoring 36 and Tomo (with what is becoming his norm) 33.

Individual scores were Bob 15/21, Wendy 15/9, Nick 3/15 and Tomo 12/21; conferred points were 9/16 with 8/6 passovers whilst the Cock-a-2 picked up 3/6 passovers.

A pleasant evening of good quizzing ended with a superb supper of sausages in onion gravy with chips and bread and butter. Thank you Tracey, thanks to the Cock-A-2 and also to David the question master from the Plough Taverners.