Thursday, January 31, 2013

29th January – The Rams Again!!


This was the third local derby, two in the League and now the Cup quarter-final. It began with a crisis!! The Rams (jokingly!!!) challenged the right of the Phoenix to have two mascotsimage (Rosie and Bosley); order was restored by the League secretary Mark who adjudicated that it was permissible unless either one of them answered questions.

Despite this advantage, the Phoenix started very badly and soon were losing with just 5 points to the Rams’ 13! However they got their act together and the round finished with the Rams having an advantage of just two points with 15 to 13.

The next round ended with a draw and the third gave the Rams a two point advantage; they also won the next round by just one point but continued to press ahead with leads of 4 and 3 in the last two rounds.

Scores for each round were (Rams first) 15/13, 16/16, 11/9, 19/15 and 17/14. Well done the Rams and good luck in the semis.

The questions were a mixed lot but fairly well balanced and the visiting question master from the Robin Hood ran the quiz with good humour.

The evening ended superbly with chip butties – many thanks to Brian and Tracey.

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