Thursday, October 27, 2016

25th October Cup/Plate home to the Nags Nead



Once again Matt has stepped in with a very thorough report – and well done the Lemmings with special thanks to Wendy

Half-term week meant a shift in attention to the Cup, although one factor that wasn't going to change much was the opposition.  The Nags Head were making the second of three consecutive visits to the Tavern (Rams last week, Lemmings in the league next) and may find their autopilot from the Waters Green car park awry when next at home.  With Nick still abroad, Wendy continued to deputise and we expected a close contest against a team that seems to have finally settled (after much traversing through all 3 divisions) into the upper half of the B League.

Questions came from the Weaver and the Royal Oak and the quiz progressed at sharp pace thanks to the efficiency of the Royal Oak QM and timekeeper (neither of whom play regularly in the league, so thanks to them for helping out) and the accessibility of the Weaver questions.  These could have probably been asked in a league match without too much pain and the opening two rounds went 17-18 (Nags first) and 19-21 with only one question getting past both sides.  The last bit of round 3 was much tougher, as if to set the scene for the Oak and the Lemmings edged that one 14-16.  After half time the Oak took the "Cup approach" to questions - remembering that only one person per team would ever "need" to know the answer and the Nags shaded round 4 11-10, with the Lemmings gaining the 5th 11-9 (in this section a run of 8 questions saw 7 stump both teams).  The final round was a "downhill finish", a little easier and this was 15-14 to the Lemmings.  So, 6 very tightly fought rounds, but the Lemmings shaded five of them to win out 91-84 and march onwards to, what will in all likelihood be, evisceration by an A league giant soon.  There were no complaints with questions, both setters had taken a legitimate, albeit different approach.  A couple of sandwiches later it was time for a swift journey back up the hill (or a not so swift journey for the back-to-fitness Andy Johnson) and we will all try again next week.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

18th October–Away to the Cock A 2


Very grateful to Matt for this excellent report in my absence:


“Rusty, pet? Rusty is too good for this lot!” (Pete Postlethwaite to Tara Fitzgerald, Brassed Off)

With Nick and Sunil sunning themselves in Turkey, the remaining Lemmings got to “enjoy” a typical autumn eve of heavy rain to make their second and last league journey beyond the bright new “welcome to Macclesfield” signs to Henbury and a set of opponents who seem to have settled comfortably into the B league pace of life after many years of hovering between this and the A league. With discussion stimulated by the potential of a Rick Davis award for hospitality, the opponents scored well on their cheerful and welcoming outlook but, through no fault of their own, would be handicapped by the single handpump dispensing a passable Robinson’s Unicorn. I did, at one point, experience a sharp citrus note, but only by virtue of switching to tonic water.

The absence of Nick led to the return from “retirement” of Wendy (a retirement that had, at least, lasted two games longer than Tomo’s) and the issue of whether possession trumped many years of service in the allocation of the coveted Number 2 spot. It did and Wendy found herself answering third, having protested that she felt decidedly rusty. The questions were provided by the British Flag and, with the good-humoured input of Neil the QM, we generally enjoyed them – racing ahead on the American States and Sport, before being hauled in by the opponents on a Geography round that we found tough, whilst Science was a bit too much for all of us. The overall impression was positive and healthy scores were posted by both teams and the Flag will, I suspect, bounce back well in the QSL after their somewhat brutal GK offerings last year. The second half, provided by the Sutton Club drew praise for variety and accessibility, although the more sad amongst us experienced a powerful sense of déjà vu in the last few rounds. The Lemmings fared well in general (though I was miffed with myself for forgetting that Dopey had no beard by virtue of looking several decades younger than the other dwarves and with my long since departed scoutmaster who had (heaven knows why?) taught us that a cutty sark was a short shirt which, in retrospect, seems near enough), Bob came to life in the latter stages after a difficult start, Tomo displayed impressive team discipline, sacrificing a few 3s for conferral when not quite sure, but the star of the show was undoubtedly our super-sub who answered 9 of her GK questions and finished with an all-time PB. The Cock battled hard but came up short, with a final score of 155-132. For those able to put Mock-Turtle Soup a long way from their minds, a pleasing array of well-filled sandwiches ensued, along with some liquid relief back at base camp, where we discovered that anything we (and our super-sub) could do, our sister team (and their very super-subs) could do better, but all went well.

Bob 3/21, Matt 15/15, Wendy 12/27, Tomo 9/15.

Conferred 11/13. Passed Over 9/13. Opponents collected 4/4 passed-overs.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

11th October Home to the Plough Taverners


Once again it was good to meet up with old friends we have played many times before in various venues – they have now returned to their old haunt the Plough.

Bob was away and Sunil took position 1 in his first game of the season.

The Chester Road Tavern had set the Specialist questions and made a very good job of it – unusual topics, well balanced questions and full of interest. Once again Matt and Tomo scored well contributing to the Lemmings nosing ahead with 59 to 57.

The General Knowledge set by our sister team the Rams were also very challenging and fair but the Lemmings slipped behind losing 72 to the Plough’s 78. Final score 131 to 135 – the Plough worthy winners.

Individual scores Sunil 6/9, Matt 15/12, Nick 3/9 and Tomo 21/12; conferred points were 10/15, pass-overs 14/15 while the visitors picked up 11/11.Final score the Plough Taverners won with 135 to the Lemmings 131. Matt and Tomo both scored very well while Sunil in his first game beat his father!!

The evening was rounded off with an interesting cheese board provided by Brian along with delicious Austrian air-dried ham, Many thanks to Brian, to the visitors and last but not least to Keith our patient and thorough question master.

Friday, October 07, 2016

4th October - Away to the Harrington Academicals


A New Beginning

Image result for harrington arms gawsworthThe first game of the new season – and with new member Matt whom we dragged away from the Robin Hood with the promise of a game every week and choice of the first butty if we win. We were away to the Harrington Academicals, old friends in a very welcoming pub that has changed considerably in the past few years having for many years been a part of a working farm business. The Cock-A-2 had a problem providing four question masters and the Harrington helped out by providing one.

The questions had been set by the Ox-Fford a pseudonym for a well known League secretary – they were very well received and scored highly by both teams. The Thar desert caused some scratched heads and there was general surprise that Dave Lee Travis was almost a local boy – born in Buxton; but As Seen In Press 27.09the one that generated much chat about supporting the team, and uplifting quizzes was Q42 in the General Knowledge.

It was a jovial and friendly evening and the Lemmings finished the Specialist with a nose in front with 70 points to 60 – no room for complacency. The General Knowledge was closer but the Lemmings still managed to hang on to their lead with 89 to 84.

Individual scores were Bob 15/9, Matt 21/15, Nick 9/12 and Tomo 12/27; conferred points were 9/17, pass-overs 4/9 whilst the Harrington picked up 2/5 pass-0vers. Final score 159 to 144 – a good start for the Lemmings, a great opening game by Matt and Tomo maintaining a high scoring rate.

The evening was rounded off with a fine selection of sandwiches that soaked up the new Robinson’s offering Hop Gun – a very palatable drink. Many thanks to the landlord and to the Academicals for a fine start to the new season.