Thursday, October 13, 2016

11th October Home to the Plough Taverners


Once again it was good to meet up with old friends we have played many times before in various venues – they have now returned to their old haunt the Plough.

Bob was away and Sunil took position 1 in his first game of the season.

The Chester Road Tavern had set the Specialist questions and made a very good job of it – unusual topics, well balanced questions and full of interest. Once again Matt and Tomo scored well contributing to the Lemmings nosing ahead with 59 to 57.

The General Knowledge set by our sister team the Rams were also very challenging and fair but the Lemmings slipped behind losing 72 to the Plough’s 78. Final score 131 to 135 – the Plough worthy winners.

Individual scores Sunil 6/9, Matt 15/12, Nick 3/9 and Tomo 21/12; conferred points were 10/15, pass-overs 14/15 while the visitors picked up 11/11.Final score the Plough Taverners won with 135 to the Lemmings 131. Matt and Tomo both scored very well while Sunil in his first game beat his father!!

The evening was rounded off with an interesting cheese board provided by Brian along with delicious Austrian air-dried ham, Many thanks to Brian, to the visitors and last but not least to Keith our patient and thorough question master.


MattR said...

As can be the case in many sporting encounters, level of tension and excitement can be inversely proportional to quality of the performances on show. This certainly summed up the Lemmings in the last 6 or 7 rounds and, to a lesser extent our opponents (although Phil Davies played his usual powerful game and his contribution was far more than the 36 he scored). Life in the A League had deprived me of familiarity with a nail-biter (there is something quite relaxing about trying to turn a 60 point deficit against one or other Ox-fford into 57) and, with the questions getting tougher (but never unreasonable) as the night progressed it became a test of mettle as much as knowledge. Although the Lemmings picked up more “1s” than the Plough, it was probably a few reckless answers that gave pass-overs that cost us – and to follow Mark’s Latin phase last week it was mea maxima culpa on four occasions in the GKs. Nick and I agreed to differ on the philosophy that a genuine 50/50 guess should always be risked (half the time you sacrifice 2 points by conferring if you were right, less than half the time you sacrifice 2 by being wrong – given that the opponents won’t always get the pass over), but I had drifted into reckless abandon in an attempt to fish a three from somewhere and this wasn’t helped by a repetitive process that involved Tomo showing me the correct answer written down in sync with Phil verbalising it on the opposite benches. Perhaps it was the perennial problem of the Waters Green, the beer was simply too good!
However, after the schoolboy error of beating a team of promotion favourites last week, this was a hard earned defeat, plucked from oblivion after we had built up a solid lead and a vital step on the path to non-promotion.

MW said...

My colleagues and I thought they were two good sets of questions this week, with some straightforward ones and a few less so. “Double History” was a good idea as was the “Dog’s Life” set, although the Pointer Sisters one was very tricky!

The GK had some excellent questions which did get trickier as the night went on, but I've noticed that beer is also a factor in that regard!

The weight of a gallon of water (in old money) fooled us, although our fine opponents from the Robin Hood got it. The Eurovision and Soap questions passed us all by, but that says more about us than the questions - and who knew about the Gatwick Grand National? Now that I’ve seen all the scores, at least three people who got "3s" for that question did - well done Graham Bailey (horse racing buff of the highest order), Grenville Leah and John Poyser!

MattR said...

Well Mark, given that you lot are at the Wharf this Tuesday, I would anticipate the beer effect to be at its very strongest for those tempted by the siren song.

Thankfully I'm at a Robinson's house, so it should be a straightforward man vs questions battle!