Thursday, December 12, 2013

10th December–Home to the Knot Know-Alls


This was the last of the Lemmings’ long run of home games in the first half of the season. We were facing our co-promotees, the Knot Know-Alls who had kindly helped us out when we were short of a question master a couple of weeks ago. They are a very friendly group and it is always a joy to play them.

It was also a delight to welcome back to the fold our founder-member and captain Bob looking lean and fit after his jolly in the Everglades and with the expectation that we would enjoy a return to form with his reappearance. He certainly had not forgotten his old jokes,

We liked the questions very much and in fact gave the Specialist the highest score ever; the General Knowledge were not quite as good and there was some concern that a couple required two answers not just one – Nick in particular whined about this as he did not know the date of St Andrew’s Day but shares the starsign (Q62). But there’s always one!!!

The two teams were pretty evenly matched with the Lemmings edging ahead by just 5 points at the half-way stage, 63 to 58. The General Knowledge rounds are usually the Lemmings’ strong point and after a round of drinks returned confidently to the fray.

But it was not to be!! By now the ladies’ darts teams had arrived creating the usual noise problems and this combined with Nick’s whining led to the Lemmings being distracted as they ended the General Knowledge lagging by a shameful 20 points, 105 to 85.

Individual scores were Bob 9/18, Wendy 15/21, Nick 12/15 and Tomo 15/18; conferred points were 5/10 (very low for the Lemmings!) with 7/3 pass-overs whilst the visitors picked up 6/10 pass-overs. Final score victory to the Know-Alls with 163 to 148.

No complaints – they were the better team and fully deserved to win,

The evening finished with hot dogs and onions – a first for the Tavern!! Many thanks Stephen and Brian, and to the Know-Alls and the question master from the Knot-‘Arfs.

And finally, if anyone has got this far, a very merry Christmas to everyone associated with the Quiz League and their families, and may we all look forward to health and fun quizzing in 2014.

Thursday, December 05, 2013



Pub photoAs far as I know this is the first season that the Bate Hall has been in the Quiz League – and they now have two teams!!  Whilst this is a welcome development, it reflects a rather sad fact as both teams were formerly playing for the Plough that sadly now stands empty.

The Bate Hall has a long history having been built in 1525 and served as a coaching house.  There are several reminders of its past in and behind the building, such as a priest hole that sheltered itinerant Catholic priests after the Reformation, medieval walls and a magnificent Jacobean staircase behind the bar. The pub has had its ups and downs in recent years but is now in the hands of a very pleasant young couple who have set strict standards and made the Bate a very welcoming place – and the mannequin monk has been restored to its rightful place on the staircase.

Rosie the mascot was with us but Bob was still absent and Ken stepped in to fill the gap. The Bate Taverners are old friends that we have followed from the Cricket Club and The Plough – it is a pity the Plough has closed as it was always a very friendly pub with generous refreshments. The questions were wide-ranging covering science, fine art, history and much else and question masters were Shauna and Pete from the Park Tavern who controlled the game with a light touch.

The opening rounds were fairly close swinging from one team to the other (home team first 19/17, 18/11, 16/19) with the Bate six points ahead with 53 to 47 at half-time; things then picked up in the second half (17/10, 13/12 and 20/11) giving the home team victory by more than 20 points!!

The evening ended with chip butties – many thanks to the Bate’s new couple, to Shauna and Pete and of course the Bate Taverners for a most enjoyable evening.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 26th Question Masters


It was the Lemmings’ turn to ask the questions this week and they were helped out by the Knot Knowalls who kindly supplied their own question master as the Lemmings only had three available. Greatly appreciated and many thanks to Mark for facilitating this.

All went smoothly and perhaps some of the criticisms that arose were due to a bit of a mix-up with the printing but no fights broke out and we move on to the next round of the Cup next week.

Friday, November 22, 2013

19th November - Stitched Up By The Weaver


Not in any malicious way, but the Lemmings’ recent success was brought to a shuddering halt.

The Lemmings got off to a bad start as Bob, founder-member and long-time quizzer was on holiday but Graeme manfully stepped in to play his first game in the Macc Pub Quiz League.

Perhaps it was the changing weather that dampens spirits but there was none of the usual banter and jokes that we have enjoyed so far in the A League.  Or maybe it was just Bob’s absence.

We liked the questions but felt perhaps the general knowledge were weakened by too many music questions. Nick as usual struggled with names, confusing Lana Turner with Rita Hayworth, Rhode Island with Long Island and perhaps most oddly using the mnenomic “Everard, shut that door” for Grayson Perry … and still getting it wrong.

This failing alone however cannot explain the scores for the evening, as at the end of the Specialist rounds the Weaver were leading with 79 points to the Lemmings’ 57; and with remarkable consistency they won the General Knowledge with 89 to 64 leaving a final score of 168 to 121.

Individual scores were Wendy 21/3, Tomo 9/24, Nick 15/15 and Graeme 3/3; conferred pints were 7/16 with 2/3 pass-overs. The Weavers collected 6/14 pass-overs, which alone tells a story.

The question master Alice controlled the game and timing very well with a light touch and sense of humour so we finished the game in record time, perhaps because there were no distractions from the ladies’ darts.


And yes, we have pour first nomination for the nine-banded armadillo trophy – see here.

The evening was rounded off with a selection of Brian’s home-cooked beef and ham sandwiches that were delicious – thank you Brian, Alice and the Weaver.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

12th November–Home to the Knot ‘Arf


It was good to meet old adversaries again as we had hardly seen them since they were promoted to the A League some years ago. In that time they have gone through a couple of name changes as they were joined at The Staffordshire Knot by another team; the first name change was the Knot Originals but they have now reinvented themselves by adopting the unlikely DJ’s familiar saying “Not ‘arf” –  could have been worse, might have been “Alright? Stay bright” or even “Greetings pop pickers”!!

The banter we used to enjoy was still lively and Bob demonstrated that he can still remember his old jokes. Moreover the game was played with much generosity of spirit: whenever there was a doubt over an answer the Lemmings generously urged the question-master to give the visitors the points; in similar vein, the Knot ‘Arf generously accepted them.

The questions were very good, failing to get a nomination for the nine-banded armadilllo award whilst venturing into rarely seen areas in the quiz league.

There was little to choose in the Specialist questions the scores being very close at the end of each round – but, at the end of the Specialist the Not-‘Arfs had snatched a lead of 65 to 62, leaving the Lemmings grim-faced and determined.They fought back taking the General Knowledge 91 to 88 meaning that for the second time this season the Lemmings had got a draw with a final score of 153 each.

Individual scores were Bob 9/15, Wendy 12/21, Nick 9/9, Tomo 15/27, conferred 15/12, pass-overs 2/7; the visitors picked up 1/6 pass-overs.

Both Wendy and Tomo showed why they feature in the top ten scorers, Tomo in particular scoring a remarkable 42, a personal best he will struggle to beat.

It was a great evening rounded off with a selection of Brian’s home cooked beef, lamb and ham – thank you Brian and the Knot ‘Arfs for an excellent evening.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

5th November–First round of the Cup


For the first round of the Cup/Plate the Lemmings were away to The Lamb. This is a beautiful pub in the village of Sutton just on the Picture of The Lamb Innedge of the Cheshire hills that stretch over to the moors of Derbyshire – wonderful countryside! At one time it was in danger of closure but was taken over by Marshall who played for the local pub quiz team since which time the pub has changed considerably, having been completely refurbished both internally and externally providing a very warm and welcoming hostelry with a quiz team we have known in various forms for many years.

The Lemmings arrived a little early and grabbed the first available reserved table – not realising that it was the traditional table for the home team and unconsciously stealing a psychological advantage; this was given an extra boost when the Lamb explained that one of their team was unavoidable detained and would not be able to appear until about 10 past – the Lemmings had no problem with postponing the start but as the missing player had still not appeared after about 15 minutes the game had to start with the home team at a numerical disadvantage (and on the wrong table!!).

The questions were well balanced and there was little to choose between the teams for the early rounds, the Lemmings managing to cling to a slight advantage scores being (home team first);

14/18, 11/16, 14/16, 21/16, 16/16 and 13/15 giving a final score of 89 to 97 in favour of the Lemmings – the change in the Lamb’s fortunes in the latter rounds can probably be attributed to the eventual arrival of the team’s missing member.

Only one question (q4) raised some difficulty that was resolved in a very sporting manner (the questions showed the wrong answer as all agreed) reflecting the good humour that dominated the game. The pretty good scores show the consistency of the questions although Nick did struggle Confused smileover the difference between a lakh and a crore.

The evening was rounded off with a fine selection of very tasty sandwiches and chips – many thanks to Marshall and the team for a most enjoyable evening.

Friday, November 01, 2013

29th October–Home to the Ox-Fford


A second home game this time against the Ox-Fford, a team with a daunting reputation in the A League usually featuring in the top two positions and top scorers. But heh!! The Lemmings haven’t lost a game!! And of course we had Rosie our mascot.

Both sets of questions had been set by our fellow promotees the Knot Know-Alls  and showed some new ideas, especially the round on The Cabinet.

The question masters were fortunate they were not in competition with the Ladies Darts this week and everyone could hear the questions clearly.

It was a good-humoured game but there was nothing causing outrageous laughter worth reporting.

At the half-way point the Lemmings were trailing with 47 points to 66 but faced up to recouping some ground in the General Knowledge.

But it was not to be as they lost with 81 points to 89 – but the whole team scored well consistently and there is no shame to losing to the Ox-Fford.

Individual scores were Bob 6/15, Wendy 6/18, Nick 12/15 and Tomo 12/18; conferred points were 7/10 and pass-overs 4/5 – the visitors picked up 13/14 pass-overs.

Final score 155 to the Ox-Fford and 128 to the Lemmings. An interesting point is the number of pass-overs – obviously the Lemmings picked up very few but the Ox-Fford collected a total of 27 perhaps reflecting a new tactic of the Lemmings.

Rosie’s collar remained motionless all night!

The evening was rounded off with a fine chicken curry by Brian with pulao rice and nan – thank you Brian, the Ox-Fford for an excellent game and the Knot Know-Alls for a good set of questions.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

22nd October–home to The Dolphin

After a nerve-racking game against the Dolphin Dragons last week the Lemmings were facing their sister team The Dolphin in the first of a run of home games. Yet despite the formidable reputation of the visitors, the Lemmings were unfazed as once again we had our trusty mascot Rosie complete with flashing collar, and as that great quizzer in the sky Alexander Pope has said “Hope springs eternal”.

The questions were well balanced but there was perhaps an over-emphasis on celebrity game shows and a question on how many prime ministers had served in the 20th century drew criticism as even if one could count a mental list there was insufficient time to do so.

The question master from the British Flag put in a sterling performance despite considerable opposition from the amazonian ladies’ darts teams (not pictured,) remaining unflustered despite the noise.

The Lemmings remained disciplined throwing nothing away and Wendy in particular startled us all several times by dragging something from the deepest recesses of her skull when all others hadn’t a clue!!Even so, it came as something of a surprise at the half-way stage to find that it was level pegging with 49 each – Rosie’s collar blinked!!

The General Knowledge questions were very varied ranging fromFile:Statue IKBrunel PaddingtonStn DMS 05122005-003-1.jpg mythology to advertising slogans via London statues testing a wide range of knowledge that seemed to reflect the Lemmings’ interests.

Scores for the evening were Bob 9/18 Wendy 15/9  Nick 6/15 Tomo 6/18 Conferred 9/13 Pass-overs 4/12.

Scores for the General Knowledge were 85 to 71 in the Lemmings’ favour, final score being 134 to 120. Rosie’s collar was spinning!!

It was a very pleasant game, not taken too seriously, rounded off with a fine selection of cheeses with biscuits and warm baguettes.

Thank you Brian, the Dolphin and well done the question master.

And finally we are proud to introduce the trophy for the nine-banded armadillo award although there are as yet no nominations.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013



At the end of the last season, the Phoenix had achieved their long-held goal of rising from the ashes of the B League into the celestial heights of the A League – which means that their name no longer had any relevance and a new one was called for, more in keeping with their prospects in the new season.

After much deliberation the team decided on another beast who’s activities have often been misunderstood but do seem to presage the future.

So it was with much trepidation that the team headed for the Dolphin for the first game of the season. The pub has recently had a complete refurbishment and is now much brighter whilst retaining its very friendly atmosphere, and the Dolphin Dragons team has been sitting comfortably in the A League for many years. It is also one of the most reliable of the town’s pubs for the quality of the beer (Robinsons).

There was a bit of a query about allowing our sole mascot Rosierosie into the pub but we eventually resolved that and she did us proud, sporting her new flashing collar.

The questions had been set by the Ox-Fford and were very well received with both teams scoring well and never separated by more than three points as the game edged towards a tense last round with good humour and banter. As was to be expected in the A League there were relatively few pass-overs.

Individual scores were Bob 6/27, Wendy 12/27, Nicki 15/21 and Tomo 15/21 with conferred points 9/10 and pass-overs 6/5. The final score 174 each – a draw!!!

On reflection, some tactical errors cost the Lemmings a win, in particular Nick’s culinary pedantry about the ingredients of a vindaloo cost a valuable point.

Special mention must be made of the quizmaster Paul Morrisey who kept the quiz rolling along with a deft hand and good humour and made the evening such a pleasant one, rounded off with a generous dish of chicken curry with real chips.

Many thanks to Paul, the Dolphin pub and the Dragons for a great quiz evening

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A New Season


The cool mists of autumn are edging the eccentric days of summer into cloudy memories of floods, heatwaves, holidays and political demonstrations.

Among the memories is the annual party hosted by the Waters Green Phoenix that started as a celebration when they were promoted to the A League many years ago attended by the team, substitutes and partners/wives; the next year was a bit larger when the team were relegated back to the B League and has grown every year since until now about 70 attend.SONY DSC The Phoenix have now again been promoted so next year’s will celebrate relegation as the team name has been changed to the Lemmings.

As usual the season began with the Plate Final, this time between the Plough Taverners and the Park Taverners who faced a varied collection of questions in a very closely fought battle. For the first few rounds the Park edged it with slight margins so there was a difference of 10 points at the half-way point. But the Plough fought back so that with just ten questions left the scores were dead level and the teams matched each other blow for – in the end it was question 119 that decided the issue and the mighty Plough won with 81 to 79. It was a great contest!!

The final was followed by the AGM which as usual took about 10 minutes as the Executive and excellent secretary had done most of the spade work – details will appear in News and Views – see the link at right.

Onwards to a new season!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013



April 16th saw the last gasp of the season with the Cup Final between the Ox-Fford and the Harrington Academicals. This will covered in more depth in News And Views but the questions have been posted – they were very good indeed.

Duncan Disorderley will be penning some thoughts on the season that will be published when available.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

March 19th–Season’s Last Game


News and Views has already pointed out how close the situation is in the B League with several permutations of promotion and relegation being possible depending on the results of this the last game of the season.

The Phoenix were playing the Nag’s Head, a Robinson’s pub with a delightful interior and with a better selection of beer than the usual Robbies; as well as the usual, there was Dizzy Blonde a tasty light beer, and Frederics a ruby red ale named after the founder and celebrating 175 years of brewing in Stockport.

Feature Image

The team are old friends from over the years who have had more success than the Phoenix in short-term promotion to the A League and were sure to be a tough team to beat.

The questions were something of a mixed bag, the Specialist in particular being difficult if not obscure and perhaps one or two will make it into the new blog being a hall of shame for obscure questions. At the end of the Specialist the score was 40 to the Nags to just 37 to the Phoenix’

A special mention must be made of the question master from the Knot Know Alls who was clearly inexperienced but controlled a game that had a lot resting on it and in which the tension broke through from time to time. Nevertheless the game was played in good humour with friendly banter. The General Knowledge rounds ended with 63 to the Nags and 76 to the Phoenix.

The tactic of the Phoenix is plain to see from the scores below – at the cost of individual glory they made sure that they answered almost all of their questions:

Bob 3/15, Wendy 3/12, Nick 6/6 and Tomo 9/15; conferred points were 11/18 with 5/10 pass-overs. The Nags picked up 9/9 pas-overs.  Final score 103 to the Nags, 113 to the Phoenix.

The evening ended with a magnificent supper of a choice of sweet and sour chicken or piri piri chicken with chips and bread and butter. Many thanks to the Nags for their hospitality, to the team for their good humour and to the Knot Know Alls for their control of the game.

The end of a great season that sees the Phoenix top of the League and heading for the A League.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

13th March – Twilight of the Season


With just two more games to play (one for some!!) only one point separates the top three teams and the next two teams could still come top of the League. This season has been a real cliff-hanger for the B League.

The Phoenix were playing at home for the last time, against the Plough Horntails who are in the chasing group; old friends who are always a challenge despite the light-hearted approach. Bosley was tired after a week in London with his former owner (Nick’s son) but Rosie turned up to make sure we were not without a mascot.

All questions had been set by the Knot Originals, and a welcome change from the furore surrounding last week’s Specialist – see comments beneath the blog. The Specialist in particular were very well received especially by the Phoenix as the questions played to their strengths in the main - although the Horntails finished the rounds with a lead of 50 to 49.

In the General Knowledge the Phoenix managed to take the lead and played in a very disciplined manner to finish the rounds with 84 to 76, making the final score 134 to 125.

However, we will have to wait until the full results are published to see if the Phoenix have done enough to get promoted to the A League.

Individual scores were Bob 12/12, Wendy 9/18, Nick 6/18 and Tomo 6/15; conferred points were 11/8 with 6/13 pass-overs. The Horntails collected 4/9 pass-overs.

A most enjoyable evening, enhanced by the superb selection of ales and good humoured banter. Thanks to the question master from the Cock-A-2, to the Horntails and to Brian and Tracey for a delicious selection of sandwiches and pies for supper.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Bring back the missing Trophy!


Hello All!, Duncan Disorderley here. The Waters Green Phoenix team is away on a bonding course prior to their final push for a promotion spot. They’ve gone on one of these self-help courses called “Tap Dance Your Way to Social Ridicule” so Nick has asked me to pen a few words for the Blog.

Actually, I’m glad of the opportunity to say more than a few words. As someone who has been on the Macclesfield Quiz League Scene for 27 years since I first started playing for the Limping Whippet, I feel it my duty to point out that some of the questions setters are taking liberties. Questions are being asked that only the most devoted geek could answer and you can take it from me as a keen observer that this is not going down well. Mind you, this is nothing new. Let me tell you a true story. Those of a certain age may remember in the early 1990s that a spate of smart-arse questions came to a head when four whole leagues of unsuspecting teams were given this question:

What is the only creature, apart from man, that can catch leprosy?” (I’ll pause here whilst you rack your brains)......................


Thought not.

The answer is the Nine-banded Armadillo. No, not the fourteen-banded or the triple-banded – they are immune. Just the nine banded variety.

Complaints were made, results were checked and NOBODY in all four divisions (the league was bigger then), got the question right. Following lots of discussion and accusations of stopping rival teams from scoring, my old mate Peter Cole introduced the “Nine-Banded Armadillo” Trophy for the worst question of the season. This was actually awarded, (amongst much good humour, I might say) for two years running. It did have an effect and the smart-Alec questions diminished. They are back.

Yes, I KNOW that the quiz league can be an object lesson in obscurity. I’ve never forgotten my own embarrassment in my first year when I was told amid much chuckling that Stanhope, Phaeton and Brougham were types of horse-drawn carriages and not a firm of Macclesfield solicitors, and that the Transuranics are elements and not a rock group.

I KNOW the time-worn arguments that are tripped out at a time like this – “the only hard questions are the ones YOU don’t know the answer to” is my particular favourite.

I KNOW we’re still burdened with stupidities like Collective Nouns and Phobias which we blacklisted years ago (apparently Gallophobia is fear of the French, not of hanging), but we can’t get it ALL right.

I KNOW that they are legitimate questions but the clue is in the world General Knowledge, not Geeky Knowledge! There have even been WHOLE ROUNDS on obscurities. If I have never watched Corry or think that rap should be spelt with a silent ‘c’ then that’s my tough luck for the odd questions that come along on those subjects, but not eight of them! All these questions do is spoil a good evening’s entertainment.

Off my soap box now, but I’m going to ask to Blogmeister Nick when he comes back, if the light-hearted Nine-banded Armadillo Trophy can be re-introduced. We’re near the end of the season but we could use the remaining matches as a trial and kick off properly in the new season. I’m hoping Nick will agree to have an Armadillo League Table to which I will send contributions and I hope that others will. There should be a suitably daft prize for the winning setters!

If you want to send me nice comments or better still money, please leave a message with Nick.

Bye for now


After Duncan’s comments above The Phoenix were Question Masters propting Bob to add te following:

“"It was question-master time for the Phoenix last week, so Bob Langstaff has sent in this brief report:
Hi All, and thanks to my old comrade-in-arms Duncan Disorderley for his  contribution to Nick's brilliant blog.
Lots were drawn as usual and I ended up refereeing the Plough Horntails versus the Robin Hood. The Plough is a great pub with what I would vote the most friendly staff anywhere outside of the beloved Tavern. Not only that, having a rubbish sense of direction, I can see the pub lights from miles away so I don't get lost!. To anyone who has not read the novel "Titus
Groan" then you should have. Those who have read it will be reminded of one of it's best chapters - "In A Lime-Green Light".    Every time I go to the Plough I think of the evil Swelter sharpening his axe!
All that aside the teams and the evening were a treat.  Both teams were a bit put-out when they discovered that a packed pub were not cheering them every five minutes but were watching Man United against Real Madrid!  They soon swallowed their pride, and a few pints and got on with the quiz. The questions generally went down well except for the round on Red Dwarf which went down like a rattlesnake in a lucky dip/fart in a submarine. All were in
good humour and the Robin Hood ran out winners. A lovely supper provided by the friendly hosts!
I believe that quiz guru Duncan has asked Nick to re-introduce the
Nine-banded Armadillo Trophy. He has seen the questions and would like to make his first submission.
Question Setters: Prince of Wales (from a round called "The Smeg It Is"
Question: The actor David Ross played the original Kryten before being replaced. However he returned to voice the character of which annoying kitchen appliance?
Answer: Talkie Toaster.”


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

26th February–Night Off


This was the night of the Cup and Plate semi-finals so the Phoenix had a night off. Bob and Nick met up in the Tavern and listened in to the Waters Green Rams playing the Harrington Academicals – a very good game with the question master bravely struggling against the noise of the ladies’ darts.

A brave performance by the Rams but it is the Accies who go forward to the final.

The questions can be found here.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

18th Feb Home to the Robin Hood


At our last meeting in the first half of the season the Robin Hood thrashed the Phoenix by almost 30 points (Nick achieving an all-time low score of 3!!) but we were set to meet the challenge on this occasion. We were at full strength including our two mascots Rosie and Bosley, we were playing at home and were determined.

The visitors had some transport problems and turned up some 15 minutes late (having rung ahead) which set the Phoenix’ nerves on edge; and they then shocked the Phoenix by revealing they had brought a mascot themselves!! Not only that but the cute little dog was called … Rosie!!!

The team are actually a very friendly bunch and Bob is well known to them – a fact that resulted in some good-natured banter throughout the evening. When they had got a drink in their hand and settled at the visitor’s table the quiz started.

In the opening rounds the Phoenix played strongly and had a slender lead, but then in their anxiety to win the game they lacked their usual discipline and guessed at answers. Nick in particular who prides himself on never guessing and always conferring if he is not 100% sure threw away points with three consecutive wrong answers and looked as though he was to fail to reach his previous worst!! Scores were generally rather low but at the end of the Specialist rounds the visitors were ahead with 48 to 34. There were some stern words in the subsequent beer break and the Phoenix began to play a more disciplined game; even so, they only managed to win the General Knowledge with 81 points to 80 – final scores were 128 to 115 to the Robin Hood.

No complaints about the questions that had been set by the Dolphin - they covered a wide range of subjects and were well balanced although there were one or two pretty obvious answers and perhaps too many nursery rhyme questions.

Individual scores were Bob 9/15, Wendy 3/12, Nick 0/12 and Tomo 3/15; conferred points were 11/8 with 8/6 pass-overs. The Robin Hood collected 6/5 pass-overs.

Despite the thrashing it was a most enjoyable evening rounded off with an excellent selection of sandwiches – many thanks to Tracey and Brian, to the visitors and to our question master Shauna from the Park Tavern.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

12th Feb–Back at The Plough


It is always a pleasure to visit the Plough – a very warm pub, and the friendly landlord and landlady always welcome Bosley with treats – he insists on calling on the way back from his afternoon walk; and the resident dog Bowzer has taken a shine to Boz with perhaps over-affectionate displays. DSC01149The Plough Taverners quiz team we have known for many years and the games are always good fun.

The Specialist questions we thought were very good indeed except for a rather disappointing last round on the price of various (some local) items. But a round on sausages must be a first and to make it interesting was quite a triumph. The Phoenix managed to slip ahead in the Specialist with a lead of 66 to 49.

The General Knowledge were also fine with a good spread of questions but  the home team were nibbling into the lead – the {Phoenix managed to  cling on to eventually finish the round with 76 to the Plough Taverners’ 80. The game finished in the Phoenix’ favour with 142 to 129.

Individual scores were Bob 12/21, Wendy 12/12, Nick 9/9 and Tomo 18/9. Conferred points were 10/17 with 5/8 pass-overs. The home team picked up 4/7 pass-overs.

The evening finished with a great curry and chips – many thanks to the Plough and to the Plough Taverners for a very pleasant time

Thursday, February 07, 2013

5th February – Listen to Mancini


At the weekend Mancini told his City players that if they wanted to be top of the League they would have to win every game thus putting them in a similar situation to the Phoenix; gathering at the Waters Green Tavern after a day of heavy snowfall and chill winds the Phoenix looked solemnly at the League positions. Although top, just three points separated the first four teams and the sister team still had a game in hand. If the Phoenix were to achieve their long-held ambition for another season in the A League every game was going to have to count.

Tonight’s game was at the Park Tavern, a pub that was taken over and refurbished a few years ago by the Bollington Brewery and now serving their own-brewed fine beers and guests, all on top form in a very friendly atmosphere that is extended to dogs – Bosley took advantage of this but Rosie had taken one look at the snow and cuddled up in front of the log fire at home. The home team are old friends and favourites who had beaten us in the first leg of the League and certainly posed a threat to the Phoenix’ ambitions.

The questions covered a wide spectrum from that day’s news headlines (Chris Huhne and Richard III) to motor manufacturers and were very well received. The Phoenix played a very tight game marred only by Nick confidently giving a completely wrong answer on local history - usually a strong point.

Individual scores were a masterly 15/21 for Bob, Wendy 9/6, a wretched 6/6 for Nick and 6/15 for Tomo; conferred points were 8/11 with 7/12 pass-overs. The home team collected 6/7 pass-overs. Final score a very narrow victory to the Phoenix of 122 to 120.

The evening was rounded off with an excellent chilli and buttered baguette – many thanks to the Park Tavern, to the question master from the Robin Hood and to our opponents.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

29th January – The Rams Again!!


This was the third local derby, two in the League and now the Cup quarter-final. It began with a crisis!! The Rams (jokingly!!!) challenged the right of the Phoenix to have two mascotsimage (Rosie and Bosley); order was restored by the League secretary Mark who adjudicated that it was permissible unless either one of them answered questions.

Despite this advantage, the Phoenix started very badly and soon were losing with just 5 points to the Rams’ 13! However they got their act together and the round finished with the Rams having an advantage of just two points with 15 to 13.

The next round ended with a draw and the third gave the Rams a two point advantage; they also won the next round by just one point but continued to press ahead with leads of 4 and 3 in the last two rounds.

Scores for each round were (Rams first) 15/13, 16/16, 11/9, 19/15 and 17/14. Well done the Rams and good luck in the semis.

The questions were a mixed lot but fairly well balanced and the visiting question master from the Robin Hood ran the quiz with good humour.

The evening ended superbly with chip butties – many thanks to Brian and Tracey.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

22nd January Local Derby - Titanomachy


Actually it something of a conceit to say this was the Battle of the


Titans as although this was a game between the two teams sharing the top spot the Rams had a game in hand (see News and Views link on right) and the league is so tight there were only 3 points separating the top six teams. Moreover when the two teams met in the first half of the season the game ended with a draw.

But the Phoenix did have several advantages – both mascots (Rosie and Bosley) were in attendance and they had the home team table. 

Adum from the Rams on the other hand was sitting in front of the roaring fire and the smell of burning flesh heightened the tense atmosphere.

The Specialist questions had some interesting rounds on hats, faith hope and charity and numbers and a science round that was about science!! A good set even though Nick managed to score zero!! No complaints – it was the black hole in his memory that digests all the names never to reappear – not even Stephen King!!. At the end of the Specialist the Phoenix had managed to run up a lead of 51 to 37.

The General Knowledge were also pretty good and well-balanced and the Phoenix increased their lead with 75 to 65 giving a final score of 127 to 102.

Individual scores were Bob 12/3, Wendy 12/12, Nick 0/18 and Tomo 9/15; conferred points were 10/19 with 8/8 pass-overs. The Rams picked up 8/5 pass-overs.

A very special  mention must be made for Tracey, who although not having stopped running her socks off in the pub since before Christmas still managed to play for the Rams and also produced a delicious ‘tater ‘ash with pickled red cabbage land baguettes – a big thank you to Tracey and Brian, to the Rams and to the question master from the Nag’s.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


On a freezing cold night the Phoenix set off on a journey to Staffordshire to play the Knot Know Alls.

   The Knot has an interesting history: it was originally known as the Railway Inn as it was built very close to the track of the North Staffordshire Railway, affectionately known as “The Knotty”.  

Alongside the pub is the former Rushton station, now a beautiful private residence, built in the typical Knotty architectural style and with the former station platform forming a feature in the garden. The track bed is now a public footpath leading to and alongside Rudyard Lake terminating in a blocked-off tunnel that formerly led into Leek.

With a heavy emphasis on food it is unfortunate that the present management has a no-dogs policy as this meant neither of the Phoenix’ mascots, Rosie and Bosley, could throw their weight behind the team’s efforts.

Both the Knot’s quiz teams are however much more friendly and it is always a pleasure to meet them in the League. This was no exception.

The questions had been set by The Church House, Bollington and were something of a curate’s egg. A science round that avoided any science and a rather heavy emphasis on pop music, television and cinema were something of a disappointment and skewed the normal scoring pattern.

The end of the Specialist rounds saw the Phoenix with a rather healthy lead of 45 to 31;  and despite the criticism above, the General Knowledge rounds were also favourable to the Phoenix who finished with a lead of 78 to 67 making the final score 123 to 98.

Individual scores were Bob 3/6, Wendy 12/21, Nick 6/12 and Tomo 6/18;conferred points were 11/13 with 7/8 passovers. The home team picked up 5/8 passovers.

The questions were expertly  asked by Keith from our sister team the Rams and a very pleasant evening ended with a supper of sandwiches and chips.

Many thanks to Keith, the Knot Know Alls and a rather grudging thanks to the Knot management (the supper was excellent, pity about the dogs policy).

Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 8th Home to the Cock-A-2


“I have seen dawn and sunset on moors and windy hills coming in solemn beauty like slow old tunes of Spain” (John Masefield).

In December as the chill, cold breath of the twilight settled on the half-way point of the Macclesfield Pub Quiz League the Waters Green Phoenix were fourth in a very tight League (in fact 3rd equal separated by only two scoring points) and just four points behind the leaders, the sister team the Rams – see News and Views link on right.

As the dawn rose on the second half of the season the Phoenix were at home to the Cock-A-2, who had beaten the Phoenix with 163 to 147 in the first leg This was a good game to win.

The questions were very good indeed – it was especially good to have questions on Macclesfield’s history (unless like the Knot teams you come from Staffordshire!!But hey!! Stuff ‘appens!!) and ranging from opera to entymology. At the end of the Specialist the Phoenix had slipped ahead with a 10 point lead of 88 to 78; the General Knowledge saw a slimmer lead to the Phoenix of 62 to 56 with a final score of 150 to 134.

Nick struggled with the specialist but the rest of the team put in strong performances with Bob scoring 36 and Tomo (with what is becoming his norm) 33.

Individual scores were Bob 15/21, Wendy 15/9, Nick 3/15 and Tomo 12/21; conferred points were 9/16 with 8/6 passovers whilst the Cock-a-2 picked up 3/6 passovers.

A pleasant evening of good quizzing ended with a superb supper of sausages in onion gravy with chips and bread and butter. Thank you Tracey, thanks to the Cock-A-2 and also to David the question master from the Plough Taverners.