Wednesday, February 13, 2013

12th Feb–Back at The Plough


It is always a pleasure to visit the Plough – a very warm pub, and the friendly landlord and landlady always welcome Bosley with treats – he insists on calling on the way back from his afternoon walk; and the resident dog Bowzer has taken a shine to Boz with perhaps over-affectionate displays. DSC01149The Plough Taverners quiz team we have known for many years and the games are always good fun.

The Specialist questions we thought were very good indeed except for a rather disappointing last round on the price of various (some local) items. But a round on sausages must be a first and to make it interesting was quite a triumph. The Phoenix managed to slip ahead in the Specialist with a lead of 66 to 49.

The General Knowledge were also fine with a good spread of questions but  the home team were nibbling into the lead – the {Phoenix managed to  cling on to eventually finish the round with 76 to the Plough Taverners’ 80. The game finished in the Phoenix’ favour with 142 to 129.

Individual scores were Bob 12/21, Wendy 12/12, Nick 9/9 and Tomo 18/9. Conferred points were 10/17 with 5/8 pass-overs. The home team picked up 4/7 pass-overs.

The evening finished with a great curry and chips – many thanks to the Plough and to the Plough Taverners for a very pleasant time

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