Wednesday, February 27, 2013

26th February–Night Off


This was the night of the Cup and Plate semi-finals so the Phoenix had a night off. Bob and Nick met up in the Tavern and listened in to the Waters Green Rams playing the Harrington Academicals – a very good game with the question master bravely struggling against the noise of the ladies’ darts.

A brave performance by the Rams but it is the Accies who go forward to the final.

The questions can be found here.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

18th Feb Home to the Robin Hood


At our last meeting in the first half of the season the Robin Hood thrashed the Phoenix by almost 30 points (Nick achieving an all-time low score of 3!!) but we were set to meet the challenge on this occasion. We were at full strength including our two mascots Rosie and Bosley, we were playing at home and were determined.

The visitors had some transport problems and turned up some 15 minutes late (having rung ahead) which set the Phoenix’ nerves on edge; and they then shocked the Phoenix by revealing they had brought a mascot themselves!! Not only that but the cute little dog was called … Rosie!!!

The team are actually a very friendly bunch and Bob is well known to them – a fact that resulted in some good-natured banter throughout the evening. When they had got a drink in their hand and settled at the visitor’s table the quiz started.

In the opening rounds the Phoenix played strongly and had a slender lead, but then in their anxiety to win the game they lacked their usual discipline and guessed at answers. Nick in particular who prides himself on never guessing and always conferring if he is not 100% sure threw away points with three consecutive wrong answers and looked as though he was to fail to reach his previous worst!! Scores were generally rather low but at the end of the Specialist rounds the visitors were ahead with 48 to 34. There were some stern words in the subsequent beer break and the Phoenix began to play a more disciplined game; even so, they only managed to win the General Knowledge with 81 points to 80 – final scores were 128 to 115 to the Robin Hood.

No complaints about the questions that had been set by the Dolphin - they covered a wide range of subjects and were well balanced although there were one or two pretty obvious answers and perhaps too many nursery rhyme questions.

Individual scores were Bob 9/15, Wendy 3/12, Nick 0/12 and Tomo 3/15; conferred points were 11/8 with 8/6 pass-overs. The Robin Hood collected 6/5 pass-overs.

Despite the thrashing it was a most enjoyable evening rounded off with an excellent selection of sandwiches – many thanks to Tracey and Brian, to the visitors and to our question master Shauna from the Park Tavern.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

12th Feb–Back at The Plough


It is always a pleasure to visit the Plough – a very warm pub, and the friendly landlord and landlady always welcome Bosley with treats – he insists on calling on the way back from his afternoon walk; and the resident dog Bowzer has taken a shine to Boz with perhaps over-affectionate displays. DSC01149The Plough Taverners quiz team we have known for many years and the games are always good fun.

The Specialist questions we thought were very good indeed except for a rather disappointing last round on the price of various (some local) items. But a round on sausages must be a first and to make it interesting was quite a triumph. The Phoenix managed to slip ahead in the Specialist with a lead of 66 to 49.

The General Knowledge were also fine with a good spread of questions but  the home team were nibbling into the lead – the {Phoenix managed to  cling on to eventually finish the round with 76 to the Plough Taverners’ 80. The game finished in the Phoenix’ favour with 142 to 129.

Individual scores were Bob 12/21, Wendy 12/12, Nick 9/9 and Tomo 18/9. Conferred points were 10/17 with 5/8 pass-overs. The home team picked up 4/7 pass-overs.

The evening finished with a great curry and chips – many thanks to the Plough and to the Plough Taverners for a very pleasant time

Thursday, February 07, 2013

5th February – Listen to Mancini


At the weekend Mancini told his City players that if they wanted to be top of the League they would have to win every game thus putting them in a similar situation to the Phoenix; gathering at the Waters Green Tavern after a day of heavy snowfall and chill winds the Phoenix looked solemnly at the League positions. Although top, just three points separated the first four teams and the sister team still had a game in hand. If the Phoenix were to achieve their long-held ambition for another season in the A League every game was going to have to count.

Tonight’s game was at the Park Tavern, a pub that was taken over and refurbished a few years ago by the Bollington Brewery and now serving their own-brewed fine beers and guests, all on top form in a very friendly atmosphere that is extended to dogs – Bosley took advantage of this but Rosie had taken one look at the snow and cuddled up in front of the log fire at home. The home team are old friends and favourites who had beaten us in the first leg of the League and certainly posed a threat to the Phoenix’ ambitions.

The questions covered a wide spectrum from that day’s news headlines (Chris Huhne and Richard III) to motor manufacturers and were very well received. The Phoenix played a very tight game marred only by Nick confidently giving a completely wrong answer on local history - usually a strong point.

Individual scores were a masterly 15/21 for Bob, Wendy 9/6, a wretched 6/6 for Nick and 6/15 for Tomo; conferred points were 8/11 with 7/12 pass-overs. The home team collected 6/7 pass-overs. Final score a very narrow victory to the Phoenix of 122 to 120.

The evening was rounded off with an excellent chilli and buttered baguette – many thanks to the Park Tavern, to the question master from the Robin Hood and to our opponents.