Wednesday, May 07, 2008

22nd April - Belated report

The final match of the season, Nick was swanning around in Spain and Wendy was struck down by some fearful disease and could not play. Eric once again stepped into the breech and after running up a hefty telephone bill Bob managed to get Dave, one of his mates to play - apparently he was more interested in drinking the real ale in the Waters Green Tavern than the quiz itself.
There was much to play for - not only were the Wonderers fighting to stay in the top half of the League but both Bob and Tomo were neck and neck in the individual scores and it was every man for himself.
At the end of the Specialist rounds, the Wonderers were a nose in front with 51 against the Plough Taverners' 43; the gap grew wider in the general knowledge with the Wonderers' 90 to 63 by the Plough Taverners - a final score of 141 to 106.

Tomo managed to beat Bob in the individuals with a hefty 36 to Bob's 27; Dave gave the lie to the malicious suggestion he was only there for the beer with a magnificent 21 on his debut appearance whilst Eric scored his personal best with a solid 18.

The questions (see link at right) were very good indeed - a fine way to end the season!