Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cup Match against the Ox Fford


294_uploaded_pic1The Phoenix’ first appearance in this year’s knock-out competition – and they were drawn against the Ox Fford, currently two points behind the A League leaders – but with two games in hand!!

The Phoenix gathered in the Tavern for a tactics meeting but all they could come up with was to lock Mark in the boot of the car – and even that was denied them as Mark was out of town on business. So with the words Lambs and Slaughter drumming loudly in their ears they set off across town to the Ox Fford.

The Ox Fford (the name probably comes from a now-culverted stream that passes nearby) is a pleasant local pub with three Marston’s hand pumps – the EPA was in particularly good form.

The questions had been set by The Albion and the Plough Taverners and were very well received being well-balanced and challenging.

The game was very tight with very little difference between the two teams at the end of each of the six rounds:

13/16, 15/15, 13/10, 10/14, 18/15 and 12/17 (home team’s score shown first) – yes, the Phoenix had done it 81/87!!

It was a very pleasant evening with laughter and a fine selection of sandwiches afterwards. one regret – it has broken our run of Plate finals!!

Thanks to all!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

16th November Away To The Plough Horntails

SONY DSCIn the winter months, The Plough is enveloped in a spectral green glow that belies the warm and friendly atmosphere within. Drawn as moths to a flame the Phoenix made their way across town to a contest with old friends the Horntails.
The Plough is a large pub with three handpumps including a Phoenix favourite Copper Dragon’s Golden Pippin; the staff are welcoming and friendly and the pub is a real local focus.
The Specialist questions had been set by the Prince of Wales and were rather quirky – geography took on a strangely historical aspect and the sport questions were certainly different as was the round on Latin words and phrases. However they were to the Phoenix’ taste and at the end of the Specialist they had edged to a 10 point lead.
The General Knowledge questions were set by The New Castle who now look forward to being question masters or playing away as the Castle pub seldom opens its doors. Again they played to the Phoenix’ interests and whilst there were no massive scores Wendy, Bob and Tomo who all appear in the League’s top 10 scorers put in solid performances.
Individual scores were Bob 9/18, Wendy 3/18, Nick 9/6 and Tomo 12/15; conferred points were 11/13 and passovers 6/14. Since the Phoenix kept their cards very close to their chest the Horntails collected 3/7 passovers. Final score was a 134 to 111 win for the Phoenix.
The question master had just the right mix of firmness and humour and it was a most enjoyable evening rounded off with a splendid chicken curry with rice and chips.
Thankyou the Horntails, Pete the question master and especially The Plough for their warm welcome.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Home to The Lamb

It was good to welcome The Lamb following their excellent season and promotion last year. Familiar faces that it is good to see again. and as ever the game was played with a light heart and much laughter. We were fortunate that Marshall was able to tear himself away from his new responsibilities as acting landlord at The Lamb and we hope all outstanding problems will soon be sorted out.
The night’s questions had all been set by The Dolphin and were of a very high standard indeed; however, the Phoenix have come to realise that their tactics must now take into consideration Nick’s cock-ups that take place every week and not his originally allocated one per season. The night’s gaffe came in the picture round that consisted of details of well-known paintings with the name of the artist required; despite Wendy’s desperate efforts to turn the picture the right way round, Nick insisted on looking at it upside-down thus transforming Turner’s Fighting Temeraire to Monet’s Impression Sunrise and gifting a point to The Lamb and reducing the Phoenix to silent incredulity. The evening had started badly anyway – the Phoenix were lucky to have Wendy playing as she had had an operation on her shoulder only a few days earlier and her arm was in a sling – Nick’s welcoming hug was not only painful but ran the risk of reopening the wound!
Each of the Specialist rounds was out of the ordinary and thus refreshing and challenging with the teams closely matched, and it was something of a surprise to find that the Phoenix had edged to a 10 point lead with 59 to 49. The Lamb came fighting back in the equally stimulating General Knowledge round and clawed back much of the lead with the result depending on the last couple of questions.
Individual scores were Bob 12/12, Wendy 15/21, Nick 12/18 and Tomo 9/12; conferred points were 8/13 and passovers very low at 3/7. The Lamb picked up 5/7 passovers and showed remarkable team work with 11/25 conferred points. Final score victory to The Phoenix with 142 to 137.
A great evening, a close contest rounded off with a huge selection of refreshments of which special mention must be made of the pork and pickle pies – thank you Brian and Tracey.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Home to Church House Bollington


The evening began with news that the Church House had recruited a new reserve – Ed’s wife had had a baby that day – congratulations to both.

Nine Banded Armadillo

The Church House are old adversaries and we have enjoyed many a tussle over the years. This was to be no exception.

The picture above may be a bit of a puzzle to some but it was provoked by questions 7 and 8 in the Sport specialist section: “Where are the World Bog-Snorkelling championships held?” was bad enough but to then go on to ask “Who is the current Bog Snorkelling world champion?” nudged Bob’s memory of what until then had been the worst question ever asked in the Macc Pub Quiz League: “What animal other than man can catch leprosy?” with the answer the nine-banded armadillo – no leeway!!!

Whilst the other sport questions were not as bad as these, nevertheless no-one from either team scored throughout the round.

At the end of the specialist the Phoenix had nosed ahead with 45 to 39 and finished with 120 to the visitors’ 102, no doubt distracted by the happy news and absence of the proud father.

The scores generally were low throughout the evening but the General Knowledge were marked higher than the specialist. Tomo had a particularly good evening despite some very severe marking that provoked sympathy from the Church House.

Nick has already overstepped his quota of cock-ups by thinking that the Merry Wives Of Windsor feature in Shakespeare’s yet-to-be written play The Sisters of Bath.

Individual scores were Bob 9/9, Wendy 9/9, Nick 6/9 and Tomo 12/21 with conferred points 4/19 and passovers 5/8. The Church House picked up 2/10 passovers.

Jackie from the Cock ruled with an iron hand and timekeeping was good.

A great game rounded off with a generous selection of sandwiches – thanks to all.