Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First Round of the Cup - Away to the Dolphin Dragons

The Dolphin is a very pleasant and friendly pub well known for keeping its Robinson's ales in top condition - not only was the fearsome Old Tom on offer (8.5% ABV, voted the world's best ale) but also the relative newcomer Dizzy Blonde an excellent quaffing beer. It is also well known for the quality of its two quiz teams both sitting comfortably in the A League - but the Phoenix know no fear and strode confidently to the Windmill St inn.
Unfazed by the unfamiliar surroundings and choice of beers, the Phoenix stormed into the fray and emerged from the first round of 20 questions with a slender lead; sadly this seems to have got them a little light-headed as they slipped behind in the next four rounds until the final round when a final rally saw them take the final round. Sadly this palindromic style of play was not enough to save the game and the final score was 113 to 86 to a very strong Dolphin Dragons team.
Graham Bailey did a great job as question master in a game marked with laughter and good cheer and the evening finished on a particularly high note with a huge supper of chillie con carne with chips and garlic bread.
Congratulations to the Dragons and good luck in the next round - and very special thanks to the Dolphin Inn for the generous hospitality.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Home to Church house Bollington

Nick could not make this game so no full report this week.
The Phoenix broke their duck with a good win against a strong team, individual scores being:
Bob 18/15, Wendy 9/15, Steve 6/18 and Tomo 12/12; conferred points were 9/15 and passovers 7/7. The Phoenix only passed over 4/6 points ending with a win of 143 to 101.
Well done all.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

'Fraid not Shakespeare!!

""Then shall the realm of Albion / Come to great confusion"" (King Lear).
The Albion have made a storming start following promotion to the B League last season. Last week they narrowly lost to the British Flag who were formerly in the A League. This week the Phoenix were to face them.
Fortunately Wendy managed to turn up this week and we did not need the dirty old beer mat we had preserved from last week. The questions were set by our sister team the Waters Green Rams and the British Flag who asked the questions for our game. We felt they were good even though at the half-way stage we were trailing by 21 points; we recovered a little in the general knowledge questions (particularly Wendy) picking up six points but the Albion had played very well and were worthy winners.
Individual scores were Bob 3/6, Wendy 6/24, Nick 9/9 and Tomo 3/3; conferred points were 13/11 and passovers 1/12. Final Score 115 to 100. A surprising point is that although there were no bloops or wild guesses, the Albion still picked up 4/14 passovers.
A great win by The Albion, and we have no excuses - everything was in our favour: home ground, Wendy back, Rosie the mascot and the best beer throughout the League. A tasty selection of sandwiches rounded off an evening of laughter and head-scratching - thanks to the Flag representatives who conducted the evening with good humour.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Turned Over By The Plough

Apologies to The Plough teams - see footnote

As the long wet summer succumbed to what promises to be a long wet autumn and winter, furtive figures emerged from the shadows of Waters Green and shuffled into the Tavern; hollow-eyed from a summer of swotting up on American capitals, collective nouns for obscure animals and various ologies they sheepishly approached the table stacked high with official looking envelopes. Yes the Macclesfield Pub Quiz League started last night and the question masters were collecting the night's questions.
The Waters Green Phoenix were playing away at The Plough against the Plodders - old friends over many years. Anxiety began to mount as the team assembled as there was no sign of Wendy and frantic phone calls failed to get a response.
Eventually the depleted team set off in Bob's car and drove until the luminous green lights of the Plough cut through the mists and drizzle. The Plough is now blessed with two teams and is a very warm and friendly pub with two real ales on offer and a third in the cellar. Wendy's absence was covered by a dirty beer mat we found on the floor and the game began.
The questions were of a very high standard (set single-handedly by Mark secretary of the Leagues) and were thoroughly enjoyed by all - see link at right). At the end of the Specialist the Taverners trailed by six points that they were never able to make up as they slipped gradually behind.
There were no serious bloopers but lots of laughter and enjoyment. The Plough eventually finished on top and the evening was rounded off with a fine selection of sandwiches. They were worthy winners.
Individual scores were Bob 15/24, Tomo 15/9, Nick 12/12 and the dirty beer mat scored nothing individually. Conferred points (including the beer mat's contribution) were 11/16 and just 2/7 passovers. The Plough picked up 3/7 passovers with a final score of 150 to the Phoenix' 123.

An enjoyable evening but there are challenges ahead for the Phoenix.

When I first wrote this blog, I welcomed the new team at the Plough that had moved from the George & Dragon because of uncertainties for its future; according to the fixtures we played the Plough Plodders but when I looked at the result sheet we had played the Plough Horntails so I removed the reference to the G&D. Then I realised that the Plough Taverners had asked the questions so we hadn't played them!! So to put the record straight, we played the Horntails who were worthy winners; the questions were asked by the Plough Taverners who did the job with good humour. And I'm sorry I cocked up!!!