Wednesday, March 28, 2018

27th March The Final Countdown

Image result for final curtainThe curtain was falling on the last League games of the season. The Lemmings were playing their sister team the Rams who were first equal in the B League with the Royal Oak and a game in hand. The Lemmings meanwhile were in a comfortable mid-table obscurity position of fourth and resolved to defeat with dignity.

The Specialist questions were very interesting and the Lemmings marked them highly, despite losing that group with 37 to the Rams’ 59 – everything going to plan and as Bob pointed out they were looking worried.

General Knowledge were also challenging and interesting and the Lemmings steeled themselves for the confirmation of their ambitions. But no!! They took these rounds with 89 to 67 winning the game with 126 to 125 – a very pleasing result of crushed ambition. A fine end to the season that did not affect the Rams’ promotion and the Lemmings remain in fourth.

Individual scores were Bob 3/24, Sunil 0/12, Nick 6/12, Tomo 15/18; conferred points 11/8, pass-overs 2/15 while the Rams collected 7/15 pass overs.

The evening was rounded off with a fine chicken curry and rice with naan – a splendid end to a great game and a truly enjoyable season. Many thanks to Brian for his support throughout theImage result for last minute cartoons season, to the Rams for a good-humoured game, to the question master Alasdair from the Nag’s Head for his firm but light-hearted control of the game and finally to Mark for his unflagging work throughout the season to keep all Leagues running smoothly.

And finally up the road Macc Town FC regained the top spot in the League with three points clear after a 1-0 victory over Gateshead scored in the 88th minute, another last-minute lifesaver!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

20th March - It Shouldn’t Happen To A Vet

A frequent comment on the results sheets when they are handed in is “Were these vetted” – sadly the questions this week were not. The General Knowledge were sent for vetting two weeks before the quiz but there was no response from the paired team. On the other hand the Specialist were received on the Friday before the quiz leaving no time to make thorough changes although the Lemmings did point out one inaccuracy that was corrected in the printout. But then it got Image result for disappointmentworse!!! At 5.30 on Tuesday evening Mark discovered that only the Specialist questions had been printed and delivered which meant frantic printing and copying (fortunately with the key to the photocopier room) of the General Knowledge questions. Crisis was averted by the usual calm, orderliness of the Quiz League but it was a situation that should not have arisen.

Sunil asked the questions at the Plough (again with his brailler) which saw a very friendly game against third-placed Nags Head with a couple of queries that would have been avoided had there been any serious vetting: Earth being the fourth largest planet (is that starting from the smallest, or should it read terrestrial planet?) and as Churchill was Prime Minister twice the answer to his predecessor would have been ambiguous so a supplementary was used.

Bob covering the Harrington also had problems with the size of Earth in a very friendly game which saw the Royal Oak continue their winning ways against the Harrington B.

Tomo with assistance from Becky (who emerged as a very confident scorer and interpreter of vagueness)  oversaw the Rams defeat the Harrington Academicals.

So with just one more game for each team to play there was no change at the top of the B League and it seems unlikely there will be any.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

13th March – An Evening of two ‘alves

This week the Lemmings welcomed the Plough Horntails for their penultimate game (the Horntails still have a game in hand). The evening started very well as there were peals of laughter by the time the question master arrived and things just got better.

Image result for dumb britainThe first round was Dumb Britain, a little confusing at first but very good indeed once understood. We were given questions taken from various quiz shows to which we were required to give the correct answer – and were then given the wrong answer given in the show – absolutely hilarious. The sport round in keeping with current concerns was about women’s sport while the arts and entertainments round was just what the Lemmings love – a lot of ballet, opera, art and literature – all to the Lemmings’ strengths but rarely called for. Remaining rounds were equally good (although out-of-towners probably struggled with the food and drink round) and were marked very highly accordingly. The Lemmings had stolen a lead at the end of the Specialist with 64 to 47.

General knowledge rounds were also good and they contained more than usual cultural questions that added power to the Lemmings’ elbow. The Lemmings took these rounds 103 to 75 making the final score 167 to122. This is probably the highest score the Lemmings have got for many seasons and is a tribute to the teamwork displayed.

Individual scores were Bob 15/21, Becky 9/12, Nick 12/’27 and Tomo 15/21; conferred points were 8/14 with 5/8 pass-overs; the visitors collected 5/5 pass-overs.

Many thanks are due to Brian for a delicious sausage casserole with bread, to Stuart the question master for his humorous control of the game, to the Horntails for probably the best game of the season and to the Harrington Academicals and Park Taverners for excellent questions..

Meanwhile some 20 miles away another clash of teams took place – Manchester United played Seville and lost 2-1 after a lifeless performance that showed none of the flair and attacking Image result for newton heath fcfootball that was the hallmark of Sir Alex Ferguson’s tenure. Mourinho’s cautious and boring style violates United’s history of attacking football and entertaining games which go back to its origins providing relief for Manchester’s workers. A travesty – no wonder Fergie looked furious as United were booted out of the Champions league.

Perhaps I should add a little information about not allowing anonymous comments - it is not to force contributors to disclose full details but maybe first name and the team played for - I really don't want to see it lead to a reduction in the number of contributors

Thursday, March 08, 2018

6th March–Back at the Harrington

This week we played the sister team of last week’s opponents, the Academicals but with an added bonus. On this visit we learned more of the labyrinthine layout of the pub. On arrival there were diners in the room last week’s contest was held  that caused some consternation but we Image result for hand pump beer tapwere then told our venue was in the upper parlour – yes the upper parlour!! This must have been reserved for Mrs Bailey’s very special customers (perhaps even the member of the Robinson family who lives in the village although I think they fell out when Robbies insisted on installing hand-pumps rather than carrying jugs from the cellar). It was furnished with a beautiful polished wooden table illuminated with candles – the visitors felt guilty putting beer glasses down and were relieved when beer mats appeared.

The specialist rounds were interesting and the palindromes were a bit of a change and by the end of the Specialist the Lemmings had managed to build a healthy lead of 58 to 46. The general knowledge were also set by the Dolphin Dragons and again played to the visitors’ strengths  taking 86 to 71. Final score 144 to 117.

Mention must also be made of the question master Mike who efficiently kept the game moving with a firm hand on timing and a light touch and sense of humour.

Individual scores were Bob 6/21, Sunil 6/9, Nick 18/9 and Tomo 9/21; conferred points 14/19, pass-overs 5/7 and the home team picked up 1/5 pass-overs.

Once again we were delighted with a generous selection of sandwiches – many thanks to the landlord and very pleasant and helpful staff, to Mike and to the jolly players of the Academicals.