Wednesday, October 26, 2011

25th October–First Round of the Knockout


The first round of the Cup/Plate and the Phoenix were drawn against the Dolphin Dragons from the upper reaches of the A League – not to worry – we’re good at conferring.

Back to full strength with Bob back from the Lake District and Rosie back in rude health following a rather noisy and messy visit tBerry Clough 1o the vet – and also with the home crowd behind them the Phoenix entered the fray with heads held high.

We found the questions to be very good covering a wide range of subjects with no smart-arse “They won’t get this” spoilers, so a big thanks to the Nag’s Head and the Knot Know-Alls.

It was actually a fairly even-matched game with the lead in each of the six 20-question rounds going from one team to the other as follows (visitors first):

12/18, 20/10, 18/16, 11/19, 23/12 and 17/15 – final score 101/90 a difference of 11.

It was a most enjoyable game with lots of laughter and fun  rounded off with a fine selection of sandwiches that included Brian’s famed roast beef and ham. Many thanks to Brian and Tracey.

The Phoenix now march into their rightful place in the Plate with the hope of reaching the final once again.

Oh yes, once again there was a diversion by the FA but Macc beat Bradford 1-0, and United beat Aldershot 3-0.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

18th October–Home to the Plough Taverners


The Plough Taverners are getting quite at home at the Waters Green Tavern since they played there against the Rams only last week – they won that game and not long before that were in the Plate Final so we knew it was to be a strong tussle. They’re a great team and good friends.

Once again the football authorities tried to distract attention from our game by arranging for Manchester United AND City to be playing in the European Cup but we were undaunted – this week we hadBerry Clough 6 Rosie!! Bob was unable to play but Steve manfully stepped in to cover.

The question setters had only two or three weeks to prepare the questions and they were perhaps a little uneven as a result with too many ancient mythology but both sets were generally well received. In particular the 7th of the Specialist rounds Nick found very interesting – unusual for a picture round.The home team had an anxious moment when Nick confused Laurence of Arabia with Clive of India but fortunately the team were not put off and managed to keep the point.

The specialist rounds were very close with the lead shifting from one team to the other but the Phoenix eventually managed to finish with a nose in front at 49 to 46. In the General Knowledge set, in which Steve scored particularly well, they managed to consolidate the lead with 80 to 66 and the final result was 129 to 112.

Individual scores were Steve 3/24, Wendy 9/9, Nick 6/15 and Tomo 15/6; conferred points were 11/14, passovers 5/12 with the Taverners picking up 5/5 passovers.

The question master was landlady Tracey who strictly controlled timekeeping whilst changing barrels and other responsibilities as required.

A very pleasant evening was rounded off with a fine selection of sandwiches so extra thanks for Tracey.

Oh yes – the other games:

United beat Galati 2-0 with two second half penalties by Rooney

City were a goal down after 4 minutes, equalised with an own goal then snatched it in the 93rd minute with a good goal from Aguero. Glad to see City win, especially without the usual whinge about Fergie Time.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

11 October Away To The Lamb


The first game of the new season and the Phoenix were away to The Lamb where the landlord is a long-standing member of the quiz team. It has to be said that since he took over there has been a remarkable improvement – as can be seen, the exterior is cheerful and welcoming and the interior is now brighter, the food is excellent and the pub is clearly a social centre for the village – there was a largish meeting taking place when we arrived and another large group enjoying a meal together. Well done Marshall.

The Phoenix made a tactical error before we even got there! We dropped off our mascot Rosie Berry Clough 3on the way as there might have been problems with so many people dining. It was like playing with a man down! There was some delay starting as Nick spilt his pint over Tomo who must have spent a very uncomfortable evening but eventually we settled down to a friendly but very exciting game.

Along with the rest of everyone in the League we owe a big THANK YOU to Mark who set all of the night’s questions at very short notice, despite all his other responsibilities for the quiz and his work; with customary modesty he said they had been set by the Ox-fford but we all know better!

Having four picture rounds was something of a shock but they were all different and interesting as were all other rounds.

The game was friendly and lively and very close with the lead shifting from team to team throughout so either team could have won it. Mention must be made of Bob’s first score of the season – 36!! Excellent!!

Individual scores were Bob 15/21, Wendy 15/6, Nick 9/3 and Tomo 15/6; conferred points were 9/20 and passovers 2/9. The Lamb also picked up 11 passovers.

Final score Phoenix 130, The Lamb 128 – very close indeed.

The evening was rounded off with a fine chicken dish accompanied with chips – many thanks Marshall and the team - a great start to the season.