Wednesday, October 26, 2011

25th October–First Round of the Knockout


The first round of the Cup/Plate and the Phoenix were drawn against the Dolphin Dragons from the upper reaches of the A League – not to worry – we’re good at conferring.

Back to full strength with Bob back from the Lake District and Rosie back in rude health following a rather noisy and messy visit tBerry Clough 1o the vet – and also with the home crowd behind them the Phoenix entered the fray with heads held high.

We found the questions to be very good covering a wide range of subjects with no smart-arse “They won’t get this” spoilers, so a big thanks to the Nag’s Head and the Knot Know-Alls.

It was actually a fairly even-matched game with the lead in each of the six 20-question rounds going from one team to the other as follows (visitors first):

12/18, 20/10, 18/16, 11/19, 23/12 and 17/15 – final score 101/90 a difference of 11.

It was a most enjoyable game with lots of laughter and fun  rounded off with a fine selection of sandwiches that included Brian’s famed roast beef and ham. Many thanks to Brian and Tracey.

The Phoenix now march into their rightful place in the Plate with the hope of reaching the final once again.

Oh yes, once again there was a diversion by the FA but Macc beat Bradford 1-0, and United beat Aldershot 3-0.

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Anonymous said...

you flatter us - We're middle reaches of the A league at best! Good fun last night - thanks! Liz