Thursday, October 13, 2011

11 October Away To The Lamb


The first game of the new season and the Phoenix were away to The Lamb where the landlord is a long-standing member of the quiz team. It has to be said that since he took over there has been a remarkable improvement – as can be seen, the exterior is cheerful and welcoming and the interior is now brighter, the food is excellent and the pub is clearly a social centre for the village – there was a largish meeting taking place when we arrived and another large group enjoying a meal together. Well done Marshall.

The Phoenix made a tactical error before we even got there! We dropped off our mascot Rosie Berry Clough 3on the way as there might have been problems with so many people dining. It was like playing with a man down! There was some delay starting as Nick spilt his pint over Tomo who must have spent a very uncomfortable evening but eventually we settled down to a friendly but very exciting game.

Along with the rest of everyone in the League we owe a big THANK YOU to Mark who set all of the night’s questions at very short notice, despite all his other responsibilities for the quiz and his work; with customary modesty he said they had been set by the Ox-fford but we all know better!

Having four picture rounds was something of a shock but they were all different and interesting as were all other rounds.

The game was friendly and lively and very close with the lead shifting from team to team throughout so either team could have won it. Mention must be made of Bob’s first score of the season – 36!! Excellent!!

Individual scores were Bob 15/21, Wendy 15/6, Nick 9/3 and Tomo 15/6; conferred points were 9/20 and passovers 2/9. The Lamb also picked up 11 passovers.

Final score Phoenix 130, The Lamb 128 – very close indeed.

The evening was rounded off with a fine chicken dish accompanied with chips – many thanks Marshall and the team - a great start to the season.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to second the vote of thanks to our marvellous Mark!

Liz H (dolphin Dragons)