Wednesday, March 13, 2013

13th March – Twilight of the Season


With just two more games to play (one for some!!) only one point separates the top three teams and the next two teams could still come top of the League. This season has been a real cliff-hanger for the B League.

The Phoenix were playing at home for the last time, against the Plough Horntails who are in the chasing group; old friends who are always a challenge despite the light-hearted approach. Bosley was tired after a week in London with his former owner (Nick’s son) but Rosie turned up to make sure we were not without a mascot.

All questions had been set by the Knot Originals, and a welcome change from the furore surrounding last week’s Specialist – see comments beneath the blog. The Specialist in particular were very well received especially by the Phoenix as the questions played to their strengths in the main - although the Horntails finished the rounds with a lead of 50 to 49.

In the General Knowledge the Phoenix managed to take the lead and played in a very disciplined manner to finish the rounds with 84 to 76, making the final score 134 to 125.

However, we will have to wait until the full results are published to see if the Phoenix have done enough to get promoted to the A League.

Individual scores were Bob 12/12, Wendy 9/18, Nick 6/18 and Tomo 6/15; conferred points were 11/8 with 6/13 pass-overs. The Horntails collected 4/9 pass-overs.

A most enjoyable evening, enhanced by the superb selection of ales and good humoured banter. Thanks to the question master from the Cock-A-2, to the Horntails and to Brian and Tracey for a delicious selection of sandwiches and pies for supper.

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