Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Refurbished Harrington Fails To Put A Shine on Wonderers

The Harrington Arms in Gawsworth, just outside town, is a charming Queen Anne building frequently described as the best pub in Cheshire. Until recently it was a part of a working farm and until her death some years ago was run by the fiercely independent Mrs Bayley who fought a running battle with Robinson's Brewery and their attempts to modernise the pub (i.e. install handpumps etc.). After her death the pub was open but its future uncertain until recently when a new manager took over. The pub has been renovated whilst retaining its charm with lighter paint on the walls and the old 20 watt light bulb replaced with a brighter one.

There are two quiz teams based at the pub and the fortunes of the Harrington Academicals mirror the changes taking place at the pub - at the start of last night's game they were in an unassailable 2nd position and guaranteed promotion to the A League. But this did not lead to any relaxation in their combativeness.

They stormed into an early lead with the specialist questions at the end of which the Wonderers were trailing by 23 points (67 to 44). The General Knowledge brought about a change of fortunes, but the visitors were unable to close the massive gap, finishing with the same margin of 23 points (147 to 124).

The questions were fine, especially the Specialist into which a lot of thought and ingenuity had gone (see link at right).

Bob and Tomo put in excellent performances fully justifying their positions in the top 10 scorers of the League (see the News & Views link at right), individual scores being Bob 15/18, Wendy 3/12, Nick 6/3 (pathetic!) and Tomo 9/27. The conferred and passed over points tell their own story - in the Specialist we got 9 and 2 respectively, whilst the home team picked up 8/11. The visitors did a little better in the General Knowledge with 11/9 against 13/7.

An excellent dish of sandwiches finished off the evening and we wish the Academicals every success next year in the A League. Thanks and best wishes to the new landlady of the Harrington.

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