Thursday, February 11, 2010



viagra The Plough Taverners are old friends with a long history in the League. This was the second leg playing away from home.

Sadly Wendy was ill with bronchitis and could not make it, but Steve was on one of his very rare Tuesdays off and was able to step in as substitute at short notice.

The questions by the Lamb and the Church House Bollington were fine and very much the sort the Phoenix like, although there were some raised eyebrows. When Nick was asked “What is the common name for acetylsalicylic acid?” had answered with a confidence bordering on manic “Viagra”!!! (Should be aspirin). This led to a theme for the rest of the evening of ribald jokes (“so that’s why it doesn’t work!! etc etc). Steve rose in everyone’s estimation by DC7T scraping “The High Chapparal” from the inside of his skull.

At the end of the Specialist rounds, the Phoenix led by 61 to 52 and found the General Knowledge also to suit their interests, with Tomo continuing his streak of scores over 30.

Individual scores were Bob 9/9, Steve 18/9, Nick 12/15 and Tomo 15/18; conferred points were 4/11 and passovers 3/11.  The Taverners picked up 5/14 passovers. Final score 134 to 101.

It was a most enjoyable game with lots of laughter and fun expertly handled by the questionmaster Ed from the Church House Bollington all rounded off with a very generous massive platter of chips with bread and butter.

Thank you The Plough and Wendy – get well soon.

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