Thursday, March 29, 2012

“And Now The End Is Here …


… And we must face the final curtain” with apologies to Paul Anka.

Doing it Frank’s Way
For the last round of the season (excluding knock-out competitions) the Phoenix were asking the questions – having clung to second place despite some heavy losses it was clear that this position was in jeopardy as two teams that were joint second each had a game in hand. Sure enough, both teams won leaving the Phoenix wallowing in fourth place.

Nick asked the questions in a very good humoured game between the Park Taverners and the Lamb – the questions did not rate highly and the scoring was generally low, but the Park Taverners pulled through in a very close fought game (97 to 91) that regrettably saw the Lamb relegated to the C League next season.

The Church House Bollington was the other team in joint second and in another close finish (126 to 123) they beat the Plough Horntails widening the “goal difference” over the Park Taverners and thus securing promotion to the A League next season.

It has been a most enjoyable season for the Phoenix with some close finishes, some surprise defeats, a lot of laughter and excellent team work. Also Bob and Wendy were in the top 10 individual scorers with Tomo close behind; Nick was languishing in mid-table obscurity.

Well done to the Church House Bollington, we’re looking forward to playing old friends the Park Taverners again next season along with newbies from the C League the Knot Knowalls and the Rising Sun; joining from the A League will be the Cock-A-2 (the former Castle team) and the Nags Head.

Finally a big thank you to Brian and Tracey for their support and hospitality throughout the season and to all the teams we played for making it such fun.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you missed promotion! See you somtime, though

Anonymous said...

Last comment was mine! Liz H