Friday, December 14, 2012

11th December–Home to the Nags Head

The arctic cold that had gripped the country for a week had enveloped the town in its icy breath leaving fog and slippery roads in the town and surrounding villages; yet still the intrepid stalwarts of the Quiz League ventured out to play the final games in the first half of the season.

The Phoenix were drawn against the Nag’s Head, a team with much experience sitting in fourth position in the League.

As always, much depends on how the questions suit the teams’ strengths and the Phoenix very much liked the Specialist rounds (Nick even got two sports questions right!!!) – but The Cock who had set them let themselves down very badly by not submitting them for vetting by the two teams not playing in the A and B Leagues and this is a timely reminder that the rules state that this should be done. Had they done so some awkward blunders could have been avoided: Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No 8 is actually the Pathetique and not the Emperor that is a concerto and numbered 5; halva (not havla!) can be made from sesame seeds  but lots of other things too; and the last set (It’s Not About Parrots) has the same answer to three completely different questions. No doubt there are other blunders that could so easily have been avoided. Even so, at the end of the Specialist the Phoenix had stolen a lead of 63 to 40.

The General Knowledge were much more consistent (having been vetted by The Weaver) and to the Phoenix’ strengths allowing them to extend their lead with 73 points to 64 with a final score of 136 to 104. Individual scores were Bob 9/9, Wendy 12/9, Nick 15/12 and Tomo a very strong 15/18; conferred points were 4/12 and passovers 8/13. The Nags picked up 4/8 passovers.

It was a good game played with good spirit overseen with humour and laughter by visitors from the Knot who had struggled in from the wilds of Staffordshire and had set the General Knowledge questions. They were question masters for the night that ended with a splendid supper of burgers and chips.

Many thanks to Brian and Tracey, to the Nags Head and to the questions masters.

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