Friday, November 21, 2014

18th November–Away To The Bate Taverners


This was the first time the Lemmings had visited the Bate Hall since the management changed recently  and it is good to see the the high standards brought in by the previous managers are being upheld. The pub is a very old former coaching inn dating back to at least 1525 and still retains a priest hole reflecting former intolerant times. The Marston’s beer is on top form and the pub has a welcoming atmosphere.

The questions had been set by the Cock-A-2 and the Chester Road Tavern covering a wide range of subjects and it was a very close game with the Lemmings at the end of the Specialist rounds just a nose in front with 53 to the Bate’s 52. There had been some confusion when Nick heard education to be vegetation (Round 3 Q6) and not one of America’s greatest legal decisions.

In the General Knowledge the Lemmings were less successful falling quite a way behind at one stage but eventually managing to claw back the lead with 86 to 82, final score being 139 to the Bate’s 134.

It was an excellent light-hearted game rounded off with a fine selection of sandwiches.

Individual scores Bob 9/24 Wendy 6/24 Nick 9/15 and Tomo 15/12 conferred points 11/12 with 3/8 pass-overs; the Bate picked up 3/9 pass-overs.

Thanks are due to the Bate Taverners, and to the landlords for providing a large room and excellent supper.


Alan a'Dale said...

No major probs with the questions - although a few seem to have done the rounds a few times (eg: Postman Pat's surname).

If there is ever a case for an "anti-armadillo" award, I suggest the "eight-legged spider award". Already annoyed by conferring on the largest section of the brain when I was fairly confident that it was cerebrum and not cerebellum, listening to my opponent get this didn't help. However, the answer seemed so obvious that it sowed doubts and fear of bluff. Would be interested to know if anyone lost points by "over-thinking".

Whilst we might all enjoy getting 3s on the board, questions that everyone can answer serve no greater purpose than questions that no-one can answer.....

Anonymous said...

Surely "cerebrum" does not fall into either category.