Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Plate Quarter Final 20th Back At The British Flag


Once again, the Lemmings were back at the British Flag, this time in the quarter finals of the Plate knockout competition.

Last week’s competition was a very close finish with the Flag staging a very good comeback in the General Knowledge questions – and there are no Specialist rounds in the knockout competitions.

The scene was set on arrival to a chorus of We’ll Meet Again and cries of Deja vu and a very pleasant evening followed, in the same spirit as the previous week.

The light and hoppy beer of the previous week (actually called Hobgoblin but brewed by Robbies, not the Wychwood variety) had been replaced by a ruby red Voodoo Dawn again showing how Robbies are breaking out of the mould.

The questions had been set by the Bate Taverners and the Park Taverners and were very evenly balanced. There were quite a few classical music questions that work to the Lemmings’ strengths but former Prime Ministers’ residences gave rise to much head-scratching.

The Lemmings took two of the first three rounds with narrow margins leading by 56 to 51 at the half-way stage. The next three resulted in one draw and one narrow win for the Lemmings but also a very fortunate round that the Lemmings won by 10 points giving a final score of 116 to 97.

Once again, the game was held in good spirits with jokes and laughter, no nominations for the 9-banded armadillo trophy and another supper of excellent sandwiches. Many thanks to the landlord, the team and to Grenville the question master.

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