Thursday, February 05, 2015

3rd February–Bloody But Unbowed


“Bewitched, battered and bewildered …” still reeling from what must be one of the heaviest defeats in the history of the Macclesfield Pub Quiz League the Lemmings gathered in the Waters Green Tavern to lick their wounds and face an uncertain future.

We were up against the Cock-A-2 who are also in the tight bunch at the top of the B League and always a difficult team to beat.

The questions had been set by The Dolphin, and fortunately they played to the strengths of the Lemmings as a team (hence the large number of conferred points);  the Specialist included a round on hats (surely a first!!) a very original round on eponymous characters and a picture round of film classics. The General Knowledge questions ranged from Greek and Roman mythology to poetry and art via science and the Old testament. Very challenging and most enjoyable.

At the end of the Specialist the Lemmings had begun to regain their confidence with a slight lead of 64 to 55, and then built on this  taking the General Knowledge with 84 to 59. Final score 148 to 114.

Individual scores were Bob 12/24, Wendy 15/9, Nick 9/15, Tomo 15/6 conferred points were 7/20 with pass-overs 6/10. The visitors picked up 7/6.

A very pleasant game with laughter and good humour under the benevolent eye of the question master Pat from the Plough Horntails rounded off with a selection of Brian’s home-cooked beef and pork sandwiches along with cheese sandwiches and salad.

Many thanks to the Cock-A-2, to Brian and to the questionmaster Pat


Alan a'Dale said...

Well done Lemmings (through gritted teeth), a blip rather than a sign of malaise and you have now dealt with the other teams in the top half. I'm sure you will join me in praise for the Bate Taverners who added their own little twist to the title race and must conjure up similar feelings in the hearts of the British Flag that a night out in Rainow does to you, or indeed, a visit to Henbury does to us. The joyful logic of the Quiz League - if you add together Robin vs Lemmings gap, plus our deficit against the Cock A2 a couple of weeks ago, then you were due to lose by 105!

I enjoyed the questions from the secure position of one who wasn't playing (couldn't spot a film but that says more about my weaknesses than anything else). I know that I scored 15 more impersonating our 1st player (we were First Second) than our 3rd one - a pattern across the board Mr Watson? The person going last on the other questions also seemed to get a bit of a bad rub compared to the others.

And finally, well done Nick. The battle to score double figures comfortably achieved!

Anonymous said...

I agree - the overall worst position to be was going 4th on the first/first team. That player got the toughest set.
IMHO, the best places to be were 2nd on that team or 1st on the team going first/second.

MW said...

A good set of questions this week, I thought, with some good variety and clearly plenty of thought put into them. Good "entertainment" scores overall as well, so well done to the Dolphin.

In terms of Alan's "1st v 3rd" question, if your team went "first first", the player in Position 1 scored more highly than the player in Position 3 in 7 out of the 12 games. If you went "first second", there was no difference in that the respective players in those positions scored higher than the others in 6 games each.

Anonymous has a point in that the worst place to be was Position 4 on the "first first" team. In all but one game, the player in that position had the worst personal score of all the players in those 12 teams...

Congratulations to the only player to buck the trend - Helen Davies from the British Flag - who got 24 (against an average of 12).