Wednesday, January 13, 2016

12th Jan Cup/Plate Quarter Finals

“Tradition is a guide and not a jailer.” 
― W. Somerset Maugham
The Lemmings had been knocked out of both competitions and only had to supply one question master for the quarter finals so they took the opportunity to ask at the Waters Green Tavern and combine it with a social evening; this meant breaking with tradition and  rotating the question master, probably something of a first.
A further break with tradition came with Manchester United scoring three goals (against Newcastle United - thanks are due to Sunil for following the game and keeping us informed); unfortunately they returned to form and only managed a draw despite being ahead most of the game.
But these unusual happenings were cast into the shade by a much more unusual event in the game between the Park Taverners and the Wharfies: towards the end of the game some chancer (neither a quizzer nor a regular) tried to rob the till!! the barman stopped him despite being threatened with a knife threw him out, then phoned the police. One would think that was enough excitement for one night, but when the police arrived they closed down the pub as a crime scene and both teams along with other customers were thrown out!! Showing much ingenuity the teams and question master decamped about 30 yards to Last Orders, a very different establishment, and finished the quiz in considerable discomfort. The first time a quiz has been held in two venues!!

Being the question masters I’ve not commented on the questions other than to say they were varied and interesting with little dissent from the two teams.

A very pleasant evening finished with an excellent cheese board – many thanks to both teams and to Brian for the supper.


AAD said...

Cue comical visions of attempts to get a Prosecco in Last Orders....

The Robin renewed battle with the Royal Oak for the second time in a month. After suggesting last time around that the questions may have been the difference between the two teams, the Oak ran up a similar winning margin, so firmly clutching at straws now.

The Harrington seemed to set the bar high in their question - 17 out of 60 went unanswered by both teams. The Sutton Club responded by setting 20 questions that were all answered in round 4. Slight excess of cars, birds and monks aside, no real complaints.

Ah well, time to concentrate on the league. Just the small matter of the Ox-fford C next week - on a haydn to nothing, one might suggest...

Alan Levitt said...

A point from Tuesday's cup/plate game - is the Beast in "Beauty and the Beast" really called Gaston? Both team in the game I officiated at queried this. They thought Gaston was a "love interest" in the story. Any definitive answers?

AAD said...

A couple of sources seem to suggest that Gaston was a rival suitor to the Beast.

Alan Levitt said...

So thats one no one will have got

Nick said...

That was the one controversial question at the Tavern - the correct answer is Prince Adam

Lord Flame said...

Mea Culpa
I thought I knew the answer, so didn't google it to check it
I was also responsible for a relatively hard set from the Harrington - which seemed appropriate for a cup quarter final, with the strongest teams conferring. It was balanced by a good, but significantly easier set from Sutton, which together I hoped would make for a good quiz
There was another typo - again my fault. It was Superbowl 49 last January