Thursday, February 18, 2016

16th February Cup/Plate Semi Finals

The Lemmings were not involved in either competition having been defeated earlier, the questions are however published - a good variety of questions and it will be interesting to see the results


AAD said...

They do look like a good bunch of questions - quite answerable in the most part and I would imagine that high scores will have come from the Cup semis in particular. Quite a few answers might have to have been summoned from deepest recesses - the surname of Lucan's nanny and Mr Markov of umbrella misfortune to name a couple. Well done to anyone thinking things through for long enough to identify Ratzenberger (and not Senna) as the first victim of that dark weekend at Imola, which saw the only 2 F1 deaths between 1982 and Jules Bianchi last year.

MW said...

As a player in one of the Cup semi-finals last week, I would agree too that the questions were very fair indeed for both sides. Tough in places to be sure, but well thought out and they made for good contests. All too good for us as we lost by 1 point, but that was no reflection on the questions at all!