Wednesday, March 23, 2016

22nd March Away to the Ox-Fford C


No jokes or humour this week out of respect for the terrible events in Brussels that morning and also the loss of long-time quizzer and outstanding question master Rick Davies who passed away on Monday.

Results were home team after the Specialist questions 74 to 63, after general knowledge 114 to 62 final score 188 to 125.

Individual scores Bob 12/15, Sunil 6/3, Nick 15/12 and Tomo 15/21 conferred 13/10, pass-overs 2/1 whilst the Ox Fford C picked up 3/12 – again the pass-overs telling a story.

Many thanks to the Ox Fford pub for the chip butties and to the team for  an excellent evening.

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Anonymous said...

Suffice to say that this week neatly puts into perspective the mild irritation at a slightly dodgy question and, other than to say that this set of questions (both Spec and GK) contained little to get annoyed about and were well received by both. The aggregate score between the Robin and the Dolphin was 324, I can't imagine it has been this high in many of our fixtures before. The Dolphin accrued 4 more than us and both sides will have gone home content with a good night's work.

Best wishes to the boys at the CHB, I can only imagine that last night was a very difficult affair for them and I'm sure that I speak for the league in hoping that they continue to prosper, particularly in the final. As Mark has stated in N&V, Rick signed off on a very high note with the semi-final win, had turned in a 45 in the New Year and had time to introduce us all to the delights of horchata. I also think that he would have been unbeaten in his last 25 league matches. Requiescat in Pace.

Lord Flame said...

The Academicals enjoyed a convivial contest at the excellent Wharf. It was a high scoring match (by our standards) with us leading by 1 point as the final question was asked - and Brian Bogie nailed it for a 3, which ensured their promotion to the A league.
After the congratulations and more excellent beer, thoughts turned to Bollington and reminiscences of Rick. When the Harrington were in the A league, we won the plate twice after being knocked out in the first round of the cup by Bollington; any cup team with Rick in it was formidable
Gone, but not forgotten

MW said...

It was a very unusual atmosphere during our game on Tuesday, with Rick being talked about a lot.

He will have played against every team, I should think, in his time and everyone will have known him for his QM efforts in the Cup and Plate Finals for so many years. We must do something on the Finals Night this year in his honour.

I've posted on the News & Views site and emailed everyone to let them know that Rick’s funeral will be at Macclesfield Crematorium next Thursday 31 March 2016 at 9.20am, with a reception afterwards at Broken Cross Social Club.