Thursday, September 15, 2016

Après Le Déluge, Nous


With apologies to Mme de Pompadour.

stormThe first steps of the 2016-17 season began with claps of thunder, sheet lightning and torrential rain in the worst storm the area has seen for many years with flooding and power cuts – City’s European game was cancelled as was Macc Town’s - even Manchester’s trams came to a standstill

The evening began with the Plate Final between the Wharfies and the Dolphin Dragons; the Dragons did very well in the first round of 20 but all subsequent rounds were very evenly matched in a thrilling game, although the Wharfies never managed to bite into that initial lead. The questions had been put together by the Pack Horse Bowling Club and the Sutton Mutton from those submitted by all teams last season and can be found here.

The AGM followed with its usual efficiency during which Haydn explained how he arrives at his placings in the Cars and Vans 4U Trophy that was met with warm applause. The accounts were not presented as the Treasurer has disappeared to some tax haven. Apart from the Bate Taverners returning to the Plough the League’s teams were much as before.

All looking forward to an interesting and thrilling season ahead.


Dave t said...

Yes, despite the rain I am told there were more anoraks inside the pub than outside. Not sure what that means

The artist known formerly as AAD said...

one was unable to attend due to a school speech night - aforementioned weather scuppered that as I sat in Cheadle Hulme station for nearly 2 hours before my train reversed to Macc, all too late for anything other than a calming pint. Looks like a decent set of questions, although I found myself on hot and cold streaks, good to see some silverware head to the DRagons, given their usual metronomic mid table obscurity.

Anonymous said...

I'll have you know we won the cup about 8 yrs ago! but yes, it's nice to have a final we win for once. Thank you. Liz H

MW said...


I've got you as winning the Cup in 2004 in your previous guise as the George & Dragon 'B'. Time does pass far too quickly these days!

Anonymous said...

As long ago as that! doesn't time fly when you're having fun!

Liz H