Thursday, January 19, 2017

17th January Away to the Plough Taverners


The Plough now seems a lot brighter since the makeover and change of managers – the odd sepulchral green light outside has been replaced with bright lights and the interior is lighter the beer however remains the same – Black Sheep and Tetleys.

The Taverners are old friends and at the last confrontation they beat the Lemmings by just 4 points – this wasn’t going to be easy.

Nevertheless it was a good spirited game, so relaxed that Bob hit form with jokes that have notImage result for cute penguins been heard before!! The answer to Science and Nature question 2 he thought was a description of a zoo that doesn’t have any penguins! And to Q5 in Sport he offered the answer water polo (both as asides not formal answers).

The questions had been set by Church House Bollington, brought together by Ed following the sad loss of Rick Davies after whom a new trophy will be named. They were original and testing and met with a very favourable reception, particularly by the Lemmings as they played to their Image result for sportstrengths giving them a lead of 59 to 48 at the end of the Specialists. Whilst sports questions may have been a little heavy in the General Knowledge this too was to the Lemmings advantage, Matt in particular picking up 30 points contributing greatly to the Lemmings score of 93 to the home team’s 74: final score 152 to 122

Individual scores were Bob 9/15, Matt 15/30, Nick 6/12 and Tomo 12/15; conferred points were 8/10 with 9/11 pass-overs. The Plough Taverners picked up 8/5 pass-overs.

Mention must be made of the question master Scott from the Rams who was very good on timing (a frequent cause of complaint by the Lemmings) and controlled the game in a relaxed manner.

There was a generous offering of sandwiches (ham and cheese) nfor supper – many thanks to the landlord, to the home team and to Scott for a most enjoyable evening.


Matt R said...

I'd better not bite the hand that fed me so generously (all time PB by 9), so whilst not everyone might have enjoyed the flood of football (and the Swindon PoW camp was news to me), modern authors (3 in the GKs), North American politicians/geography that came my way, I won't be complaining if anyone else follows suit. Thought the questions were generally pitched at the right level, the "free" specialist rounds were good (although knowing two out of Rimmer's three names was a tad frustrating). It seemed as if a couple of seats were much tougher than mine (Player 1 first second looked like the graveyard shift in my game and on a couple of scoresheets that I saw) but my team and I were happy to put down good marks for the questions. The supps were one of the toughest sets I have ever come across - well done to whoever had put them there.

I particularly enjoyed getting Philip Roth and William Henry Harrison questions close together. They seemed neatly timed - given Roth's prescient account of an opportunist presidential candidate projected to power on a tide of racist fear-mongering (The Plot Against America), and Harrison's ill-conceived decision to waffle on for 10 hours in his shirt-sleeves during his inauguration speech. One can but hope that Donald plans to emulate the second as closely as the first, I reckon I've got about 33 days of tolerance left before I start looking for book depositories and/or grassy knolls on Google Earth.

William Stubbs said...

Did anyone get the Ice Hocky hat-trick answer?
Has to be an Armadillo contender

Roy Keane's Right Hook said...

Come on Billy, everyone knows ice hockey is just one big fight. Surely not as bad as last weeks Ordnance Survey number question?

Matt R said...

We were all in the dark, including (I think) our human search engine of a QM. If anyone (in the B league at least) had a chance, it was probably the Gawsworth sport correspondent. Did he know it Dave?

Dave P said...

Robbie thought it was a goal, an assist and a spell in the sin bin. Close, but no cigar.

Jon Thompson said...

The Apollo question was a bit of an armadillo. I am fairly obsessed with Apollo but didn't know that. It turns out that it just happened to be that the moon was at one of its furthest points from the Earth in its orbit when 13 was in orbit prior to the burn to get them home.

Nick said...

This was recently posted on the blog for 13th December and I felt everyone should have a chance to see it:

Peter McB
Not a lot more to be said, but let's please scotch the annual nonsense about a question being easy if you know it and hard if you don't. A Q is easy if lots of people know it, and hard if very few can answer it. If a Q set on quiz night gets a 3 for 11 players but the 12th can't answer it does it change from being an easy Q in 11 matches to a hard one in 12th? Obviously not. An obscure Q is one that very few people can answer and which it's not reasonable to expect people to know.

Matt R said...

Quite right Peter, on a comment that clearly harks back to the Brewers' set. Thanks to Haydn's spreadsheet it is evident that the average score of the 22 teams "privileged" to face them was 40, the average of those teams on the other first 8 weeks of the season was 56. Teams suffered heavily across both divisions and both sets of questions.

If and when it becomes apparent that earlraul or one of his team-mates has woken up, smelt the coffee and realised that they set questions that were well below the normal standard and overly inaccessible to the 88 quizzers that took part rather than one or two whingers, I will happily agree to mention it no more.