Wednesday, January 09, 2019

8th January Home to the Nags Head

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This was the half-way point in the League and now all the games played so far will have the venue changed (home/away). It was almost a local derby as the Nags is only around the corner from the Tavern, and the quiz team are old friends and adversaries.

The Specialist questions had been set by the Park Taverners and were very well received – they covered a wide range of subjects with a round on islands and clearly a lot of thought had gone into the setting. The scores at the ne of the Specialist were equal with 72 each.

The General Knowledge rounds set by the Rushton Diamonds were less kind to the Lemmings who saw the Nag’s Head slipping ahead, until they had built a substantial lead of 98 to 70 finishing the game with 169 to142 (Nick’s scoring may have lost a point there).

Individual scores were Bob 15/15, Sunil 18/9, Nick 12/12 and Tomo 18/12 – Conferred points were 6/13 with 3/9 pass-overs whilst the visitors gathered 3/12 pass-overs.

It is interesting to look at the conferred points as usually the Lemmings get a very high score here but only two questions were conferred in the Specialist which reflects the excellent balance and difficulty of the rounds.

Special thanks are due to Brian the question master who kept the game flowing with a light and humorous touch, to the visitors for a pleasant and jocular game and finally to Brian for an excellent selection of sandwiches.

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