Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Shrove (or should it be Shafted?) Tuesday

Away to the George & Dragon, a pub with a long history (at one time it was a school!) nestled above the town in Higher Hurdsfield. Their quiz team is a buoyant and laid-back group that has survived the crises and vicissitudes the pub has suffered in the past couple of years, and it is good to see it has now settled down.

The specialist questions had been set by The Albion, the lair of well-known quizzer Paul Beard (veteran of TV quizzes although his departure was sometimes rather premature) whose individual stamp was immediately recognised on the questions. They can be viewed by clicking on the link at right - a quick glance at the markings from other teams suggests that they will not be taking the question-master's trophy this year. There seems little point in asking questions with the hope that no-one will be able to answer them. Three rounds from the end, Nick had to be restrained from slitting his wrists.

The General Knowledge were set by the Harrington Academicals and were much better although at times it did seem that their fellow setters had influcenced them.

At the end of the Specialist, the Wonderers were just one point behind and looking forward to overtaking the home team with a better set of questions.

The Wonderers were once again without Wendy and again Eric stepped into the breech playing a strong game in the conferred questions, but it was not to be. Tomo played a great game scoring 15/24, Bob 9/6 and Nick 6/6 with conferred and passed over points being 7/3 and 16/10 - the home team gave little away.

The Wonderers were not even consistent - although they have lost the last few games, it has been by just a handful of points - this time they were trounced! The G&D on the other hand were not consistent either - it was their first win of the season! But no compalints - the home team's questions were as bad as the vsitors' - they were just better at answering them. A tough game and a worthy win by the G&D.

The final score was 118 to 102 after a game played with good humour, and spirits were lifted with a great spicy chillie con carne provided by the landlord.

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