Friday, January 17, 2014

14th Jan Away To The British Flag


The British Flag are old adversaries as we have had many clashes over the years but this was to be the first one in the A league.

There was the usual distraction as Macclesfield were playing Sheffield Wednesday in the replay of the FA cup, but the game was played in a comfortable room away from the screens .

The questions did not really suit the Lemmings’ interests (not that they should!) and by about the half-way mark of the Specialist rounds they were trailing by 15 points but they managed to pull themselves together and ended the Specialist with 53 to the Flag’s 57.

The Lemmings fared rather better in the General Knowledge with 88 to the Flag’s  70 with the game finishing 141 to the Flag’s 127.

Individual scores were Bob 9/18 Wendy 12/21 Nick 6/9 Tomo 6/21 conferred points were14/12 and pass-overs 6/7; the Flag picked up 5/9 pass-overs.

It was a friendly game with little worthy of comment (other than Macc losing 4-1) ending with a tasty selection of sandwiches. Many thanks to the British Flag and their team.

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