Thursday, January 30, 2014

28th Jan CUP/PLATE Questionmasters


The Lemmings were questionmasters this week and Nick was out of town – however one or two comments on the questions have been passed as follows:

Dave P from the Harrington Academicals:

“Alain Prost did not win 4 consecutive F1 championships

Magical Mystery Tour was not released as an album until 1976 – it was originally a double EP

Matt Baker is a co presenter of Countryfile as well as the one show

We didn’t use the supplementary for who replaced Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes Team. They answered Peres and pointed out that it was the McLaren Mercedes team and he moved to Mercedes.”

Brian from the Knot ‘arfs suggested that some questions have been used so often they should be formally banned – Fred Perry in particular.

Vetting lessons for us all there!!

Two more late entries from anonymous in the comments:

And Stafford is on the river Sow.

And Sydney Opera House opened in 1973, not 1956

Nothing for the Armadillo trophy then??


Anonymous said...

And Stafford is on the river Sow.

Anonymous said...

And Sydney Opera House opened in 1973, not 1956

Brian said...

Can we formally assume that Trowbridge will remain the administrative HQ of Wiltshire for the foreseeable future?
Brian - Knot Arfarveren