Thursday, December 17, 2015

15th December Away to the Dolphin Dragons

Still without Bob the Lemmings trudged through a dark and damp (but surprisingly warm) winter evening up the hill to The Dolphin to face the Dragons.
The Dolphin is a very friendly and welcoming pub sporting five handpumps that although all Robinsons are very well kept and in top condition.
It was a disappointing start for the Lemmings as Liz from the Dragons managed to get locked in the toilet – but escaped.
The game itself was very interesting as the lead shifted from one to the other, the Lemmings winning the first Specialist round but lost the lead with the second – the game continued thus until at the end of the Specialist both teams had 48 points. An encouraging start and a tribute to the question setters.
Fortune then abandoned the Lemmings who at one stage were 30 points behind, but they rallied and whilst unable to catch the Dragons they pulled back some points losing by 93 to 72 – final score 141 to 120.
A most enjoyable game  with no disputes and lots of laughter
Individual scores were Sunil 3/3 Wendy 12/6 Nick 3/18 Tomo 9/18 conferred 13/8 and pass-overs 8/6. The Dragons picked up 9/9 pass-overs
The evening was rounded off with an excellent stew with pickled red cabbage – hearty thanks to the landlord and staff, and to the Dragons for a most enjoyable evening.

And finally may all who see this and all players in the Macclesfield Pub Quiz League have a very merry Christmas and health and happiness in 2016.


AAD said...

I was out of action on Tuesday, but enjoyed doing the quiz yesterday. As noted, a pleasantly answerable contrast to the week before and a good object lesson to setters in terms of accessibility and clarity. Couldn't spot a question with the potential to annoy/irritate (well accept for bringing "Mistletoe and Wine" in). I don't know how this reflects across the leagues, but I did beat myself by 7 questions playing first-second and the most notable contrast was the questions to Player 3 first-first (I got well above my Pb - and despite the likely errors/nervous conferrals that I would no doubt have made in a match, I suspect I would have at least equalled it) and Player 4 on the same side - not far off a personal worst, even outside of a match... It might, however, be just about me and what I am good/shocking on and, even if uneven, imbalance at player level is a lot less damaging than imbalance at team level - for those of us who aren't going to be threatening a top 10 finish at least.

The Robin got a very credible 152 - nice to see that they outscored the Dragons as well as the Lemmings, but had the misfortune to run into the Weaver who were just that bit (and not a huge margin) too good.

Final words of solace for teams going into Christmas bottom (we dodge the honour on "goal difference") - 2014/Leicester City!

Happy hols

Lord Flame said...

An excellent set of questions, though I have doubts about a setter who regards 50 Shades of Grey as a work of literature

Many thanks to Nick for his excellent blog, and Mark for all his hard work


Alan Levitt said...

I agree with AAD's assessment of the easier/more difficult positions to have been sitting in on Tuesday.

Alice said...

Glad you enjoyed the questions Nick but I need to point out that they were set by the Ox-fford C not the Ox-fford which is of course a completely different team!

Nick said...

Sorry Alice - now corrected

MW said...

An excellent set of questions from the Ox-fford 'C' and a very enjoyable evening was had at the Royal Oak from my perspective. There were plenty of people in the pub too on the Christmas run-in, which is always nice to see.

There were hardly any questions unanswered by the teams during the evening in our game, in fact the identity of the "Eastender" who slipped off the plate under the Christmas Tree in 2006 is the only one I can think of that no one knew at all. A quick look at the scoresheets shows only one player in all three Leagues got a "3" for that - take a bow Kenny Davenport-Slater from the Brewers Arms!

There were some excellent team and individual scores over all three Leagues by the looks of it and the marks given for questions will leave the 'C' there or thereabouts at the top of the Cars and Vans 4U table, I would think.