Thursday, November 03, 2016

1 November Home to the Nags Head


We cropped out the horse head for all the squeamish folks out there. You're welcome.For the third consecutive week the Nags trudged across the car park to face the Lemmings – was this a final warning via Mario Puzo? Nick was back in place looking very sleepy after a long day’s travelling with the unenviable job of following Wendy’s success.

Whilst the teams have known each other for many years they were feeling almost family after the glut of home games for the Lemmings. The atmosphere was fine as both teams are still on excellent terms and the game proceeded with lots of humour and laughter.

The Specialist rounds we found to be difficult but gettable working as a team and the Lemmings built up what appeared to be an unassailable lead of 62 to 50.

General Knowledge were also a good set of questions but after two rounds the Lemmings found themselves in second place! However with a very disciplined approach the Lemmings made up the deficit eventually winning the General Knowledge 85 to 82 with a final score of 147 to 136.

Nick’s failudictatorsre to remember names is well documented and accounts for the large numbers of conferred questions,but this week he surpassed himself by giving three wrong answers: mistaking the capital of Korea (Pyongyang) as Panmunjom, going even further mistaking Pinochet for Galtieri, but as Matt has kindly pointed out our former PM similarly couldn’t differentiate “between one right wing South American dictator with a penchant for making thousands of their own civilians disappear and another”. Fortunately the rest of the team were able to carry the day.

Individual scores were Bob 12/18, Matt 15/18. Nick 6/6 and Tomo 12/9; conferred points were 7/20 with 10/12 pass-overs whilst the Nags picked up 6/6.

It was a most enjoyable evening rounded off with a tasty selection of sandwiches lubricated with the Tavern’s fine selection of real ales, not least the Plateau from Burning Sky brewery with amazing taste at only 3.5%. Many thanks to the question master, to the setters, to the Tavern’s hospitality and most of all to the visitors for a really enjoyable evening.


Matt R said...

A little surprised not to see “How many Prime Ministerial terms have there been?” in the blog, given that it went into Nick’s “armadillo book” (much like some of the residents of Warmington-on-Sea in the infamous “Don’t tell him, Pike” scene). I had received this question and seemed to draw sympathy from those around me and I can’t imagine that anyone would actually know the answer. However, on reflection, I don’t think it was too bad – it is reasonable to expect participants to know that we have had a PM for about 300 years and a sensible estimate of average term of office (eg 4 years) would have brought the answerer towards the fairly generous leeway given. As such, I think it was fair game and I am more disappointed with my underestimate (not too far away, but not close enough) than the question, though I’d have much rather have had its pair. Otherwise, a sound GK round with quite a lot of gimmes thrown in that had me wondering if there was a bluff once or twice.

As for the specialists, the mention of the Horntails sends a shudder through my spine after past experiences, so I was mighty relieved to emerge with 5/8. Perversely, I got my “Who am I?” and “Movie Line” questions despite being utterly clueless on most of the questions (had I not got the relatively up-to-date Jose Carreras and Full Monty qs, I think the wheels would have been set inexorably in motion for “Teenage Kicks: the Sequel”) due to them being of a certain vintage, the balance came in the form of Politics where I knew everyone else’s and was left with the e-petition one. As Nick says, the round was rather challenging, but the half time scores were healthy.

Given that this forum can become one for slagging off of questions, I think it is worth pointing out that we are a quarter of the way in and the question setters have done a consistently good job so far.

dean_ross8 said...


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Jon Thompson said...

Hmmm. What's the fee for appearing on this show?