Wednesday, November 23, 2016

22nd November – Home to the Park Taverners


Image result for home iconIn the latest of a remarkable run of home games the Lemmings welcomed old friends the Park Taverners although both teams were handicapped – Pete could not make it for the visitors and was covered by a substitute while Nick was on crutches following surgery to his foot. This was the second round in the Cup competition so everything was conferred which means that everyone’s strengths are called into play. This was perhaps bestImage result for sumo wrestler illustrated by Shauna’s in-depth knowledge of the Japanese word for a martial arts training area, but in general the questions were very good covering a wide range of subjects

It was a very friendly and close game with each team taking a close lead in each of the 20-question rounds:

Results (home team first) 19/19, 15/8, 15/16, 19/13, 17/19 and 18/20 the Lemmings just shaving it with 103 to 95.

The evening was rounded off with a splendid cheese board that complemented the Caskade ale that seemed to be the favourite of the night. Many thanks to Brian, to the Taverners and to the question master from the Pack Horse Bowling Club for a very pleasant evening.


AJ said...

The answer to supplementary question 4 is wrong. Trams were invented a long time before 1876 and the name does not derive from the surname Outram. Benjamin Outram (1764-1805) was instrumental in the development of trams but the word tram derives from a Low German word 'traam' meaning a beam of a wheelbarrow. Outram always referred to tramways as railways (from Wikipedia). No idea where John Outram comes into it.

MW said...

Interesting that Round 2 (Questions 21-40) saw the Lemmings and Park Taverners scoring less collectively than in any other round, the same occurred in our game.

Bute House was a new one to us all and our current knowledge of Swaziland clearly has much room for improvement. None of us had counted our Jenga bits of wood either, whilst (possibly) the most obscure question of the evening in respect of a recently departed, flamboyant bling-laden hairdresser fell on very stony ground. Those of us of a certain age couldn't think of anyone beyond Mr Teasy-Weasy, but he's been gone for donkeys years...

A very good game overall though and “tougher than usual” questions in the Cup where we can stare blankly at each other for longer than usual (like they do at Cabinet meetings these days) is no bad thing.

Lord flame said...

A little knowledge......
When my learned colleague said a sumo training establishment was a dojo, I said not because it was the ring where a major sumo competition would take place
Wrong - that is the dohyo