Wednesday, December 13, 2017

12th December – Question Masters–A FIRST

This must be a first!

Image result for brailleNick was due to ask the questions at the Nags Head, but unfortunately had completely lost his voice. His son Sunil stepped in to save the day with a remarkable piece of equipment – a brailler that turned the electronic version of the questions into braille that he then read out. He had never done question master before and he did extremely well, confidently reading out the questions with a clear voice. It was an interesting game that the Nags Head won although there was not much enthusiasm for the questions. The evening was rounded off with a generous platter of sausages and chips with bread and butter.

Tomo at the Harrington came upon a painful start to the evening – Adum from the Waters Green Rams twisted his ankle on the ancient cobbles outside the pub and had his foot encased in ice from behind the bar. The Rams were the eventual winners.

Bob had a miserable drive to the Royal Oak in Rushton Spencer but spent a very pleasant evening in convivial company.This was the last game before Christmas Image result for christmas and new year greetingsand New Year and the Lemmings would like to wish all teams and members a very happy break and may 2018 bring all you hope for.


Dave P said...

The match at the Harrington got off to a dramatic start, when as Nick reports Adum suffered what looked like a badly sprained ankle. The village vet was in the bar next door, but his team mates didn't take us up on the offer to have him put down

It was Stuart Mills wife's funeral this afternoon and one of the readings from Proverbs was "Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies" The answer given a couple of weeks ago was Wisdom - which is also correct. You live and learn

Best wishes to all for the New Year

Alice said...

People looked at me strangely when I said a virtuous woman was the answer to that question and it was given incorrect, so glad to be vindicated! Commiserations to Stuart and best wishes to all for Christmas and the new year.

Anonymous said...

Are they updating these results or what? It's been weeks and no week 8 yet.

MW said...


Week 7 Results are now up on the website and Week 8 Results were forwarded to HT on 04/01/2018. Any delays are entirely down to me and life piling up around me.

Happy New Year!