Wednesday, December 06, 2017

5TH December Away To The Plough Horntails

Image result for plough macclesfieldThere have been some changes at the Plough but there is still a warm welcome to visiting teams from the new management team who even brought drinks to the table so the games do not get disturbed.

The Lemmings have suffered two bruising defeats recently so were hoping to rebuild their confidence playing against the Horntails who have won just one game this season. The Specialist rounds were very interesting and although the Lemmings were 4 points behind at the end of the rounds they were not unduly worried. At this stage the score was 56 to 52.

Unfortunately the General Knowledge were not of the same standard, in fact many of the questions seem to have haemorrhaged from the Arts and Entertainments round with far too many on TV and film and also an imbalance on sport. Whilst none of this helped Nick (who ended up with a season’s worst) the rest of the team maintained a good score but still lost with 83 to 77, Image result for horntailfinal score 139 to 129.

Although the Lemmings were again beaten, it was a very lively evening with lots of banter, joking and laughter. Moreover, it was good to see Becky has settled into the team and has picked up on all the Lemmings’ tricks of the trade scoring 18 in the GK. Clearly she will prove to be a strong asset.

Individual scores: Bob 9/18, Becky 3/18, Nick 9/3, Tomo 15/18 conferred 13/15 with 3/5 pass-overs. The Horntails picked up 5/9 pass-overs. Tomo continues to be a high scorer.

In addition to the warm welcome the Wainwrights beer was in good form and a very tasty selection of sandwiches rounded off a very pleasant evening.

Many thanks to the landlord, to the Horntails and to the patient question master.


Dave P said...

While the Lemmings were at the Plough, the Rams had an excellent match against the Robin Hood

The Specialist rounds were well received and the GK were OK apart from a couple of numbering glitches where presumably a question had been removed. The QM wasn't intelligent enough to realise that Buttercup was in HMS Pinafore, but it wasn't challenged on the night

Bob Thompson made quizzing look easy with his score of 51

The variable formatting was a challenge for the QM, particularly after a couple of pints of the excellent beer at the Tavern.

Nick missed out a good plate of sandwiches and a bowl of black pudding and English mustard crisps - a rare treat

Anonymous said...

Surely the Population of the Netherlands is an Armadillo...

PeterMc said...

The population of the Netherlands is not an Armadillo; it lacks that quality of the bizarrely obscure to qualify. It's just a wretchedly bad question, not redeemed by being paired with an equally bad similar. It really isn't good enough that one player gets 2 Qs about the number of players in a sports team, or 2 Qs about Shakespeare plays. Nor is it acceptable that Qs are being repeated from recent matches. s it too much to ask that setters check where the Qs are going to land, and if Qs are removed then they should be replaced in the same spot, not have the existing Qs simply shoved up with the replacement added at the end. The problem about Little Buttercup was a matter of knowledge, not intelligence.