Wednesday, January 24, 2018

23rd January Cup/Plate Semi Finals

Although the Lemmings had already been eliminated from the knockout competitions they were called upon to provide one question master and Nick was fortunate to preside at the Waters Green Tavern for the game between the Rams and the Sutton Mutton. He was also very lucky to have Becky come along to see her first knockout game and more importantly to watch over his clumsy attempts to fill in the scoresheet.
An unexpected pleasure was to see Adum again still on crutches and in plaster but this time with a festive sock to keep his toes warm.
From the chair it did seem that the questions were very imbalanced and it will be interesting to see comments by some of the other players below. Nevertheless both teams played with good humour and the Rams now move on to the the semifinals although the Sutton Mutton played a spirited game particularly as they were having to play with only three following a team member's sudden admission to see a consultant.

The Tavern’s ale kept everyone (especially Nick) refreshed and the evening was rounded off with a wide selection of sandwiches – thanks to Brian and to the two teams for making the question master’s job an easy one.


Anonymous said...

It went down to the wire at the POW, 76-77 – Robin Hood won with the last question

MW said...

An entertaining set of questions last week - certainly quite hard, but in an "all conferred" setting, that is OK.
There were quite a few questions in our game where only one of the four players knew the answer (or even had any clue as to the answer sometimes!), but that works in a Cup game. Neopalpa Donaldtrumpi was but one such example!
Very few arguments about accuracy too. The last Liberal Prime Minister is always a Lloyd George / Asquith toss of a coin and the "CCV" on the back of your plastic cards is a CVV these days (Card Verification Value), but the spell checker probably caused that one!
Very entertaining overall and time will tell what the next round brings us...