Wednesday, January 31, 2018

30th January

Again no game for the Lemmings but Nick and Sunil sat through most of the Specialist questions – quite difficult.

Main reason for posting is to offer a forum for anyone who wishes to comment.

Also see Brian’s comment on 16th January asking that anonymous comments be disallowed – I am in agreement with this – no need to be intrusive but some indication of which team you play for and perhaps initials or first name should be shown is all that should be required – permissions have been change please let us know if there is a problem


Anonymous said...

Far too much ancient history last night for our tastes

Dave P said...

Those of us of a certain age are happier with questions on ancient history than popular culture. I thought they were a decent set - had a good run in the Specialists but suffered in the GK.
As ever, it shows how difficult is to set questions for such a critical audience.
We had a moment of contention when I thought the Bonobo was an Ape - which it is when looking it up later. I also learned that it wasn't a monkey

MW said...

I'd agree with Dave P as above. Being of a "certain age" as well, my classical subjects at school came in very handy on Tuesday night. That said, the questions were tough and I easily got my lowest score of the season!

Most crucially the questions felt to me like they were the same for both sides, it will be interesting to see all the other results.