Wednesday, December 05, 2018

4th December–Away to the Sutton Mutton

Image result for sutton gamekeeper macclesfieldThe Lemmings were away to the imaginatively named the Sutton Mutton. This team originally played at The Lamb in Sutton but after a takeover, a makeover and change of name to the Sutton Gamekeeper the establishment now prioritises food (admittedly good) and the quiz team moved across the road to the village hall . This is a fairly large building, nicely decorated for the festivities and with three handpumps and a selection of keg beers. And the quiz team also changed their name to emphasise the long-standing continuity.

Although the faces were not familiar the Muttons have retained the sense of humour and fun that the Lamb always enjoyed and it was a very pleasant game

The Specialist questions were very good and although they did not particularly fall easily for the Lemmings they were marked highly – a round on theme music was good and imaginative although Nick failed to recognise the description of his favourite advert – the old English sheepdog singing Freddy Mercury!! . At the end of the Specialist the Mutton had taken a pretty good lead of 57 to 49 and the Lemmings are no longer smug about catching up on the General Knowledge.

The GK questions were also enjoyable one incident in particular causing gusts of lImage result for black besss horseaughter: following a question about Dick Turpin’s horse, the QM muddled the answers and said that fifth in line to the British throne was … Black Bess!!

Nevertheless the game continued with laughter and banter both sides scoring well and following recent experiences the Lemmings were a little surprised to find that they had taken the GK with 96 points to the home team’s 87 giving a final score of 145 for the Lemmings and 144 to the Mutton – a very close finish to a most enjoyable game.

Individual scores were Bob 3/18, Sunil 9/15, Nick 9/12, Tomo 12/21, conferred points 12/20, pass-overs 4/10 with the home team collecting 4/5 pass-overs.

The evening was rounded off with a tasty selection of sandwiches – thank you to the village hall, to the Question Master (also from the Mutton) and to the home team for an excellent game.


DaveP said...

The Academicals lost their 100% record to the Flag in another close contest - we were 3 points behind with 4 questions to go, so the setters can take some credit for that.

I knew none of the theme tunes, but it was a specialist round and there weren't many questions unanswered all night. The only question in which the wording caused an issue was Gloriana - written to commemorate the crowning of QEII, but based on Elizabeth and Essex. We couldn't think of any operas from the time of QE I's coronation.

Many thanks to setters and QM for an excellent evening's entertainment

Alice said...

Mea culpa on the Queen Elizabeth typo, which was not picked up by any of the vetters including our own team. Glad you enjoyed the questions. I think the Flash dog is a labradoodle, Nick, not a sheepdog!